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More than three decades of profound experience in energy and environmental solutions, highest know-how in renewables as hydrogen and LNG: A track record that few can match. Wolftank Group has a strong presence in Southern Europe, for instance with powerful subsidiaries in Italy and Spain. Numerous projects demonstrate how the Group’s expertise is in demand – especially boosted in times when the world’s energy supply urgently needs to be shifted to new foundations.

When founded 35 years ago, the Wolftank Group was a pioneer in the environmental technology industry. Over the years, company has grown to become a global technology partner for energy and environmental solutions. The group’s subsidiaries remediate tanks, clean and decontaminate already polluted soils, and are experts in the design, construction, and operation of all types of refuelling facilities. At present, new energy solutions – key words: hydrogen, LNG – are highly needed. When it comes to developing infrastructure for zero-emission mobility, the Wolftank Group is a key player in the field. At the same time, the existing service station infrastructure will be needed for decades. This is where maintenance services make an important contribution.

Growth in Spain

In Spain for example, the Wolftank Groups’ services are highly requested: one of these is SIR, the Statistical Inventory Reconciliation that is a wetstock management system, a powerful solution highly demanded. It identifies in real time any mismatches in the fuel stock offering data and analysis immediately, tank calibration and alarm management. In this segment, the group is a strong supplier, providing its services to more than 450 sites. New petrol companies see the benefit and start to make use of this know-how – enabling Wolftank Group a growth of more than 25% in the past months.

In the area of zero-emission mobility, the Group is extending its pioneering role to the present: Leveraging on its high experience in Europe, Wolftank Group was involved in the construction of the first hydrogen refuelling station in Madrid. Now, the company’s experts are developing the engineering of a second station which will include the generation of hydrogen with an electrolyser on site. Wolftank Group is also working together with customers on the development of projects for the compression, storage and dispense of green hydrogen generated from solar panels and wind.

Strong partnerships for Southern Europe

Just a few weeks ago, Wolftank Group signed a cooperation agreement with Molgas Energia Italia. The Molgas Group is a leading company in the energy services sector, distributing liquefied natural gas (LNG) and delivering it to places not reached by gas pipelines. A strong Southern European player, Molgas is now strengthening its presence through organic growth and acquisitions across Europe. The two companies plan to jointly establish a double-digit number of LNG and hydrogen refueling stations in European markets. The initial target areas are Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Austria and Slovakia.

Leading in environmental services

Another key area is the environmental sector. In Italy, where the Group has a high market share with its environmental services, the experts have recently implemented several flagship projects in this area. This includes a remediation project inside an active industrial plant in a port area in Sardinia, using the technology of bioremediation involving the injection of slow-release oxygen compounds in fixed stations consisting of approximately 1,500 valve rods. Another example is the power plant that provides electricity to Giglio, a beautiful island surrounded by one of the most beautiful marine areas of the Mediterranean. The plant, which in the past fed the pyrite mine on the island, is fuelled by diesel, stored in three tanks, positioned in such a way as to minimize the environmental impact also from a visual point of view. Wolftank Group’s experts put them in complete safety and protected the outer walls from corrosion using the certified DOPA 6 system technology.

Wolftank Group also conducted the Emergency Safety and Environmental Quality Assessment activities at a motorway service area in central Italy. The intervention became necessary following the discovery, during site restoration activities, of a previously unknown underground metal tank. Wolftank Group was therefore entrusted with the activities of removing the cistern, ascertaining the environmental quality of the ground where it was located, and removing any contaminated soil.

In Spain, the environmental services sector is a growth area for Wolftank Group. The trend shows a 30 % increase compared to last year. A major remediation project with an in-house built multi-phase extraction opened the door to the local remediation market. Other remediation projects are in the pipeline for this year.

Interested in the services that Wolftank Group offers? Find out more on the website and contact the Group’s experts for more information.

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