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These tech jobs are some of the most peculiar tech jobs that you will ever hear

The gap between humans and machines are narrowing over years with emerging technological innovations. Despite the increasing sophistication that technology leverages, the industry is opening its door for more people and jobs.

While famous tech jobs like data scientist, machine learning engineer, etc are attracting most of the aspirants, there exist unique profiles that are less spoken of. Fortunately, the demand for these weird, yet, different jobs is surging with technology’s improvement.

In this article, we’ll take you through six such tech jobs that will make you feel awe.

Data waste management operative

As we all know, humans are creating an explosive amount of data every day. Everything starting from our choice of music and products to personal correspondence is stored in form of data. Today, business organizations use this data to cover their customers and enhance business profitability. But this won’t continue forever.

At a certain point, people will be put in a critical situation to sort their essentials from the heap of data. Meanwhile, they should also stay away from virulent virus attacks. To counter this, data waste management operative positions emerge. They tidy up your device and de-clutter your data drives, while also monitoring potential security threats at all times.

Digital overlord

‘Digital overlord’ is the term that typically represents website managers. Website managers are responsible for making sure a website is functioning properly, updating software when necessary, monitoring and reporting on a site’s performance, keeping a site’s hosting and registration current, developing and updating website content, and overseeing online marketing projects.

Now you know why they are called overlords. Yes, it is because digital overlords are the functionaries who manage and take care of every loose end in a website. In the 21st century, the job has evolved out of tech companies and is creating a trend almost in all industries.

Digital artisan

Art and technology are two extreme ends. But recently, many developments in both sectors are driving them closer. Therefore, unique profiles like digital artisan open up. A digital artisan is someone who thinks out of the box and delivers creative solutions and products. An interest in programming espoused with a keen sense of creativity composes the perfect profile of a digital artisan.

Personal Memory Curator

Your task as a Personal Memory Curator would be to recreate and architect past memories in order to alleviate the tension and distress that simple memory loss causes in the aged. You will work with patients and stakeholders to develop virtual reality experiences that recreate a specific time, location, or event using visual reality representations, sounds, and other sensations.

Ethical Sourcing Officer

As the name suggests, an ethical sourcing officer would oversee an ethics team and make sure that company profits are distributed in accordance with consumer and employee expectations. To ensure ethical agreement with stakeholders, this individual will also investigate, monitor, compromise, and build agreements around automated provisioning of products and services.

Digital Tailor

Trying clothes on has always been a big reason why people go to shops. It’s possible that a pair of pants or other piece of clothing purchased online would not suit. That is no longer necessary with the use of a simple digital tailor, and that technology is now available.

Digital tailors can now go to retail consumer homes to refine the “fit and polish” of their online ordered clothes.

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