Watch: Find out what it’s like working at Nitro – spoke to some of Nitro’s employees at its Dublin office to find out what it’s like to work for the software company.

Nitro is a productivity software company that aims to improve workflows with document tools.

The company established its first office in Dublin in 2013 with just three employees and has since rapidly expanded.

In 2019, it announced 70 new jobs as it opened a new EMEA headquarters in Dublin. In 2021, Nitro acquired Belgian e-signature SaaS provider Connective and announced further hiring plans for Ireland’s capital.

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But what is it like to work at Nitro? headed down to its Dublin base to find out.

Sumanth Mattapalli, a senior test automation engineer, said he enjoys the learning opportunities at the company.

“The learning curve grows more because it’s a rare, distinct product when compared to all other products existing in the market,” he said.

Senior data analyst Vinil Thombrey added that the best thing about his role is being able to see the direct impact of his work as part of the data team.

Software engineering director Justin Durkan also said making a difference is a key benefit to working at Nitro. “I love the fact that I can make a difference there,” he said.

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The Nitro employees also shared their top advice for those who want to get started with a career in tech.

Durkan said being engaged is key for anyone working in a tech role. “I think the idea of being a part of a much bigger team and being a significant part of that team, owning your role there, owning the part you play in the bigger game I think is a very, very powerful thing,” he said.

Mattapalli recommended learning the basics of programming to get a better understanding of test automation. Speaking about his role as a data analyst, Thombrey said being open and creative are important assets.

“This role is going to be a good blend of both management and technical experience, so I think having an open mindset to learn both of the things is key to be in this role,” Thombrey added.

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