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(Photo provided) Jacob Warfield receives a $4,000 scholarship from the Appalachian Ohio Manufacturers Coalition. From left: Linn Yost, coalition president and owner of Micro Machine Works; Jesus Pagan, associate professor of engineering technology and management department at the Russ College of Engineering and Technology at Ohio University; Warfield; and James Ruble, director of the coalition.

A random meeting at a local gas station led to two scholarships for a local student.

Linn Yost of Micro Machine Works met Warren High School student Jacob Warfield when Warfield was working at the gas station. Yost commented on Warfield’s Washington State Community College shirt, which began a conversation that ended up in an internship at Micro Machine Works.

“We look for an attitude more than anything. We do most of our own training here,” Yost said. “If you’re a hard worker and have a willingness to learn, you can work for us.”

Warfield completed a 650-hour internship with Micro Machine Works that also counted as an advanced machining course.

In March, Warfield graduated cum laude from Washington State with a degree in mechatronics and robotics. He is employed at Micro Machine Works as full time seasonal employment.

(Photo provided) Jacob Warfield also received a check from Harmar Masonic Lodge 390 in Marietta. From left, front, David Locke, secretary and past master of Lodge 390, presents a check for $500 to Warfield. Back row, scholarship committeemen past master Jim Rhodes, Lee Peterson and Mark Herrington. Not pictured was John Goin.

When school starts in the fall, Warfield will attend Ohio University working toward a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering with the ultimate goal of a master’s in mechanical engineering.

In early 2022, Jim Rhodes, a past master of the Harmar Masonic Lodge 390 and a retired Warren High School social studies teacher, approached Yost about a project to replicate a badly damaged emblem to top a Masonic staff.

Contemporary Masonic staffs play an important role in the material culture of the lodge and convey great meaning regarding those who carry them. All staffs are tipped with a silver or gold emblem.

Yost recommended Warfield and the lodge commissioned him to replicate the emblem.

Warfield used Solidworks and MasterCam, high-end software that is the industry standard and is internationally recognized. He received certified credentials in both from Washington State.

(Photo provided) The Mason poll emblem made by Jacob Warfield for Harmar Masonic Lodge 390.

A mentor worked with Warfield using Rhino software for the organic face of the emblem.

Warfield created five emblems of aluminum and three of brass, one for the Masons, one for the Appalachian Ohio Manufacturers’ Coalition and one for his portfolio.

“The model on the computer looked relatively easy,” Warfield said. “The actual programming and machining was a learning curve–along with getting both sides to line up. There was a lot of hand work too.”

Warfield also was tasked with learning multiple solid modeling software as well as extensive knowledge in CNC programming and machining. He creating packaging using 3-D printing and a thermoforming process for the emblem and calculated return on investment.

“Repetitive tasks are a thing of the past–we want our people to use their brain to solve problems. We’ll use robotics for repetitive tasks,” Yost said.

The Masons are appreciative.

“We’re very pleased with Jacob’s work on this project. It’s almost too beautiful to use,” Lodge Master Randy Waggoner said.

On July 11, Masonic Lodge 390 awarded Jacob a $500 scholarship.

“Though we are figurative masons, we deeply honor items made by hand. These symbols mean a lot to us,” Dave Locke, secretary and past master of the Lodge, said.

“The Lodge is working on a fund of mid-five figures to sustain this as a perpetual scholarship.”

On July 21, Micro Machine Works in collaboration with Appalachian Ohio Manufacturers’ Coalition, awarded Warfield an additional $4,000 scholarship to help him on his engineering path at Ohio University.

The Appalachian Ohio Manufacturers’ Coalition is a manufacturer-led coalition in collaboration with education, social services and community leaders focused on aligning the learning system with the needs of the manufacturing community to support economic growth and a high quality of life in the Southeast Ohio region.

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