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Specialists from VTB and Rostelecom’s ‘Big Data Platform’ joint venture have tested a new, confidential computing technology called Multi-Partial Computations (MPC).

The technology allows companies to work together with data arrays to improve the quality of services, increase business efficiency, and solve other tasks. The characteristic of MPC technology is the absence of the exchange of source data between companies, which allows service users to implement the Data Fusion approach. This consists of combining data and merging or transferring algorithms from one area of machine learning (ML) to another, as well as the integration of machine learning processes.

The Multi-Partial Computations technology was tested with the participation of Ubic, a traffic filtering developer and analysis service provider. Collaborative confidential computing allows users to create machine learning models that are built on the combined data of various companies. Each party shares information and transmits only the amount of protected data on which models can be built. At the same time, it is impossible to decipher the information for obtaining primary data. This technology allows users to develop services based on various sources and helps enrich the competencies and expertise of various areas, from retail to the insurance business.

Maxim Konovalikhin, Senior Vice President, Head of the Data Analysis and Modeling Department at VTB, said:
“The security of customer data is the priority of the Big Data Platform; the new technology allows us to bring our work with Big Data and data security to a new level. Thanks to MPC, we can work with combined arrays of information to improve products, services, and business processes. Combining unique arrays of depersonalized data, technologies and competencies, as well as applying the Data Fusion approach, will allow the Big Data Platform to achieve leadership in the Big Data market.”
Alexander Aivazov, Vice President for Business Development of Rostelecom, said:
“Combining the data of different companies gives a significant synergistic effect.
But there are many obstacles in the way of data integration — procedural, technological, and regulatory. MPC technology allows you to overcome these limitations optimally and safely. It increases the flexibility in the development of products, forms a new scope of the analyzed environment, increases the accuracy of calculations and, accordingly, gives a better result for the customer at the output. Everything that was previously available only at high resource costs, and sometimes completely private, will now be implemented into business processes as efficiently and quickly as possible.”

Alexey Kashtanov, CEO of Big Data Platform, commented:
“Our key task is to help a variety of companies implement advanced technologies for working with big data. MPC technology allows customers to enrich internal expertize easily and safely with the most relevant market trends, and at the same time it will be possible to keep information private to others. For many companies that previously only thought about how to build data enrichment platforms, it rested on a huge investment and forecasting the future use of this infrastructure. A solution based on MPC technology will help solve these issues.”

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