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TLDR: The Premium Python Programming Certification Bundle includes 10 courses in everything from Python coding basics to higher functions like machine learning and beyond.

Data science fields, including the ultra-hot machine learning and artificial intelligence areas — all link back to one primary source: Python. And the numbers don’t lie. About 63 percent of respondents in the State of Data Science 2021 survey said they used Python regularly. Meanwhile, 71 percent of educators said they were teaching machine learning and data science courses using Python, while 88 percent of students said they were learning Python specifically to break into those two hot fields.

As one of the most popular coding disciplines in modern programming, the training in The Premium Python Programming Certification Bundle ($30, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals) can become basically invaluable in not only learning the key steps to get students trained and working, but in ultimately getting hired in one of those white-hot job sectors. 

Over this 10-course, 90-plus hour training collection, learners can bolster their coding skills while seriously upping their earning potential with this highly in-demand set of skills.

Even for those who have never tried coding before, courses like Learn to Code with Python 2021 and The Complete 2021 Python Course can definitely get things started. From understanding the basic concepts and commands at the heart of Python, learners will also be introduced to Python’s role in data science and visualizations by writing Python code and creating a variety of scripts and software.

From that foundation, the training moves into more advanced Python concepts and executions, including side trips into using Python for GUI programming, real-time app design, code flow control, and using Apache Spark 3 for crafting stream processing apps that work like a dream. There’s even a course here in how Python can be used to build your own working bot to buy and sell stocks with real-time orders carried out right to your specs.

The Premium Python Programming Certification Bundle contains $2,000 worth of valuable Python training, but right now, it’s over 90 percent off with the current deal, cutting your price for the package down to only $30.

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