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Just over a year ago, we were writing about a vibrant staffing market in the Ukraine with 1,225 agencies employing 143,185 citizens and many online portals. Yet with the Russian invasion of that country, ten million people have now fled their homes in Ukraine, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC). As well as the 4.3 million-plus who have left for neighbouring countries (table 1), the vast majority going to Poland and an increasing number to Romania. An estimated 7.1 million people are thought to be displaced inside the war-torn country itself. The UNHCR is offering help to those who have had to flee  and is also fundraising.

We are covering the conflict in our daily news and  for those who are interested the position of the WEC, their members, international and European stakeholders there is an excellent page here. Several of these members are also working with the Tent Partnership for refugees and the ICRC (the International Committee of the Red Cross / Red Crescent).

The following list is for companies keen to identify initiatives that help in this situation by matching refugees with jobs. Please note these resources have been sourced from around the world and are not officially verified or endorsed. Use caution when using any resource not officially vetted by a trusted government or non-governmental organisation. If you are aware of resources that we should add, please let me know.

There is a wide variety of other platforms you may want to look at including Better Community for Ukrainian Creatives supports Ukrainian creatives and art workers and was created by the former Fashion Director of Vogue Ukraine. Jobs for Ukraine a large board with academic, scientific, arts, professional and freelance opportunities.Labs Supporting Ukrainian Scientists a google doc of labs from around the world that support Ukrainian scientists, with contacts and funding information. Plus a variety of creative – CreativeShelterOpportunities for Architects and Creators from UkraineProduct Design & Management Roles with RelocationSupport for Ukrainian Architects and Designers Seeking Employment in Poland; IT focused – EpamFuzzboardHarvey Nash, Hire Developers from Ukraine and other sites BeameryJobs Aid UkraineJobs 4 Ukraine (.eu), Jobs 4 Ukraine (.com) and  Workeer (German).

This page was most recently updated on 7 April 2022.

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