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It is not an easy task for investors to select favorable tech stocks to earn profit among thousands of technology stocks. Tech companies are creating new tech products and services with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Thus, let’s explore some of the top five tech stocks to buy today with stability and flexibility.

Analytics Insight provides a list of the top five tech stocks, according to Yahoo Finance.

Global Payments, Inc.

Current price: US$124.56

Market cap: US$36.14 billion

Global Payments, Inc. is a popular tech stock that provides payment technology and software solutions for cards, check, and any digital-based payments across the world. It operates through three segments such as merchant solutions, issuer solutions, and business and consumer solutions. This tech company offers a wide range of products and services in the fintech industry to help businesses and governments.


Current price: US$114.44

Market cap: US$154.01 billion

Medtronic is one of the top tech stocks for tech investors that develops and distributes device-based medical therapies to the hospital sector worldwide. There are four segments in this company— cardiovascular portfolio, neuroscience portfolio, medical-surgical portfolio, and diabetes operating unit for different purposes in multiple hospitals and clinics.


Current price: US$28.49

Market cap: US$6.91 billion

Matterport is a spatial data company that focuses on digitizing and indexing the built world. It is known for offering Matterport digital twins, Matterport Capture, Matterport Workshop, Matterport Showcase, and many more for the retail, real estate, and hospitality industries.


Current price: US$802.39

Market cap: US$331.65 billion

ASML Holding is known for developing, producing, and services advanced semiconductor equipment systems consisting of lithography, metrology, and logic chipmakers. It is known for providing computational lithography and software solutions in Japan, Singapore, the US, the Netherlands, and many more places across the world.

Axcelis Technologies

Current price: US$64.72

Market cap: US$2.15 billion

Axcelis Technologies is one of the top tech stocks to buy today because it designs and manufactures ion implantation and other processing equipment used in the fabrication of semiconductor chips. It offers its products and services to the US, Europe, and Asia. It is also popular for offering high energy and high current implanters for multiple applications requirement.

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