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  • Demand for cloud skills is growing exponentially, and salaries for those jobs are going up too.
  • Cloud-certified pros earn well over $100,000, and those with cybersecurity skills earn even more.
  • We found the highest-paying cloud certifications from Amazon, Microsoft, Google, VMware, and more.

With demand for cloud skills growing exponentially, salaries for jobs with that expertise are going up, too.

One reason cloud experts are so sought-after — and highly paid — is that there’s a “mismatch” between the demand for cloud skills and the number of people with those capabilities, said Michael Yoo, general manager of the technology and developer customer market at training company Skillsoft.

“When nearly every company on the planet has discovered that cloud is central to their growth, you can see why the demand for cloud skills is so high,” Yoo told Insider.

Some of the most in-demand cloud certifications are those offered by the Big Three cloud giants — Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google Cloud — which have a collective stronghold over the cloud market. Over the past year, there were 652,162 job openings that listed knowledge of AWS as a skill, and 487,759 listed Microsoft Azure, according to data provided to Insider by and Burning Glass.

And those certification-based cloud jobs command the highest salaries among IT roles, according to Skillsoft’s most recent annual survey of IT professionals. The average salary for IT pros working in cloud computing was $144,533. Broken down by certification, IT pros with an AWS certification earn on average $140,156, those with Google Cloud certifications earn $146,765, and workers with any Microsoft certification earn $111,586.

IT workers who pursued other new skills or certifications got paid more, too, according to Skillsoft’s 2020 survey. Respondents who skilled up earned an extra $12,000 to $13,000, and certified professionals were paid as much as 8% more than their noncertified peers.

Using Skillsoft’s 2021 and 2020 data, Insider broke down the highest-paying cloud certifications from AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, and other tech giants. Of note, Skillsoft required at least 68 responses for a certification to show up on this list, so some cloud certifications, while highly paid, didn’t reach that threshold. Our roundup also includes only cloud-based certifications and not those in other skill areas, which led to some gaps in the ranking.

Here are the highest-paying cloud certifications in the US, listed from lowest to highest salary, and what it takes to earn them:

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