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November 17, 2021

Machine learning

Apply to these top machine learning  jobs

Machine Learning Specialist at Standard Chartered Bank

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


  • Experience 0-6 years
  • A strong foothold on machine learning and deep learning concepts
  • Preference for work experience in unstructured data-based models using NLP and computer vision
  • Knowledge of full-stack machine learning on all phases of model design to deployment
  • Python/Django, API development, Git, TensorFlow, Numpy, Pandas, Jenkins
  • Ability to do fast prototypes and interest to work in cutting edge research areas such as explainable AI, federated learning, reinforcement learning etc.
  • Knowledge of cloud (AWS Preferred)
  • Github links/blogs that can showcase your work.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Application Lead at Accenture 

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Project Role: Application Lead
Project Role Description: Lead the effort to design, build and configure applications, acting as the primary point of contact.
Management Level:9
Work Experience:6-8 years’
Work location: Bengaluru
Must Have Skills: Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
Good To Have Skills: No Function Specialization

Key Responsibilities: Solely responsible for the machine learning-based software solution and work independently based on inputs from the other department’s design, develop, troubleshoot and debug products/solutions in the AI/ML domain Work with partners within/outside BU to develop and commercialize products/solutions Help to create a cloud-based machine learning environment 2 support the overall development support firmware development / embedded system.

Technical Experience: Strong Knowledge of machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and neural networks 2 experience with any of the languages Nodejs, python or Java familiarity with ML tools, and packages like OpenNLP, Caffe, Torch, TensorFlow, etc also knowledge on SQL, Azure DevOps CI/CD, Docker, etc.

Professional Attributes : He / She must be a good team player with good analytical skills, good communication and Interpersonal skills 2 Should have good work ethics, always can-do attitude, good maturity and professional attitude should be able to understand the organizational and business goal and work with the team.

Machine Learning Engineer at Pratiti Technologies

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Job Profile:

Design and build machine learning models and pipeline

Role Description:

The role requires you to think critically and design with first principles. You should be comfortable with multiple moving parts, microservices architecture, and de-coupled services. Given you are constructing the foundation on which data and our global system will be built, you need to pay close attention to detail and maintain a forward-thinking outlook as well as scrappiness for the present needs. You are very comfortable learning new technologies, and systems. You thrive in an iterative but heavily test-driven development environment. You obsess over model accuracy + performance and thrive on applied machine learning techniques to business problems.

You are a good fit if you:

  • Have strong experience building natural language processing (NLP) based systems, specifically in areas such as event and topic detection, relation extraction, summarization, entity recognition, document classification, and knowledge-based generation
  • Have experience with NLP and machine learning tools and libraries such as NumPy, Genism, SpaCy, NLTK, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Kerasetc
  • Learn new ways of thinking about age-old problems
  • Are passionate about driving the performance of machine learning algorithms towards the state of the art and in challenging us to continually improve what is possible
  • Have experience in distributed training infrastructure and ML pipelines.

Senior Machine Learning Engineer – India at Bungee Tech

 India Remote

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with Business stakeholders to understand the customer requirements of our SaaS products and expand the product vision using the power of AI/ML
  • Provide clear, compelling analysis that shapes the direction of our business
  • Build neural net models that contribute to the enhancement of our image and text processing algorithms
  • Harness neural net-based natural language processing models to create new path-breaking capabilities in the retail business
  • Use machine learning, data mining, statistical techniques, etc. to create actionable, meaningful, and scalable solutions for business problems
  • Analyze and extract relevant information from large amounts of data and derive useful insights at a big data scale.
  • Work with software engineering teams, data engineers, and ML operations team (Data Labelers, Auditors) to deliver production systems with your deep learning models
  • Architecturally optimize the deep learning models for efficient inference, reduce latency, improve throughput, reduce memory footprint without sacrificing model accuracy
  • Establish scalable, efficient, automated processes for large-scale data analyses, model development, model validation, and model implementation
  • Create and enhance a model monitoring system that could alert real-time anomalies with the model.
  • Streamline ML operations by envisioning human-in-the-loop kind of workflows, collect necessary labels/audit information from these workflows/processes, that can feed into improved training and algorithm development process
  • Maintain multiple versions of the model and ensure the controlled release of models.

Machine Learning Ops Engineer – Analytics at Optimal Strategix Group, Inc.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Hybrid

Key Responsibilities:

  • Takes ownership for MLOPs for product development (on the cloud using microservices architecture)
  • Connect AI/ML modules to frontend and backend to build scalable and reproducible solutions
  • Setup pipelines, design and develop RESTful APIs for ML solution deployment
  • Ensuring code/solution delivery within schedule
  • Coordinating with external stakeholders and internal cross-functional teams in ensuring timelines are met and clear communication is established
  • Has an automation mindset and continuously focus on improving current processes
  • Proactively find issues and consult on possible solutions. Should be good at problem-solving.

Skills / Competencies:

  • Experience in NLP, AWS, and/or Azure Infrastructure and comfortable with frameworks like MLFLow, AirFlow, Git, Flash, Docker, Spark.
  • Must have experience including hands-on skills in Python, SQL, Dockers
  • Hands-on experience in AWS like S3, VPC, EC2, Route-53, RDS, cloud formation, cloud watch, Lambda
  • Should have experience in architecting and developing solutions for end-to-end pipelines
  • Proficiency in Python programming – data wrangling, data visualization, machine learning, statistical analysis
  • Handling of unstructured data – Video/Image/Sound/Text
  • The ability to keep current with the constantly changing technology
  • Ability to design, develop, test, deploy, maintain, and improve ML Modules and infra
  • Ability to manage project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables
  • Design and build new data pipelines from scratch till deployment for projects
  • Mentor other MLOPs engineers
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Should be able to articulate ideas clearly
  • Ability to think independently and take responsibility
  • Should show inquisitiveness in understanding business needs
  • Should be able to understand the business context
  • Good time management and organizational skills
  • Sense of urgency in completing project deliverables in time.

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