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Top IITs and NITs

The eminent educational institute, the Indian Institute of Technology or IIT, is offering several Data Science courses with a practical curriculum

Data Science, an evolving technology, has been the most talked-about term in the technology and information industry in recent years. One of the most common career options for IT professionals in data science. The eminent educational institute, the Indian Institute of Technology or IIT, is offering several PG and UG courses in Data Science with a practical curriculum. This will help aspiring data scientists to get recruited in reputed organizations around the world with lucrative salary packages. IIT Madras, IIT Guwahati, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Mandi, IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, and IIT Kanpur are offering Data Science courses while the other IITs are offering certificate programmes in Data Science. Let’s take a look at the top IITs and NITs offering data science courses in 2022. 

Online B.Sc Degree in Programming and Data Science at IIT Madras

IIT Madras offers a three-level Online Degree programme. In B.Sc. Degree in Programming and Data Science students have the flexibility to exit at any level and receive a Foundational Certificate from the Center for Continuing Education, IIT Madras. The UG Data Science degree consists of 31 courses with 116 credits and the completion time may vary from three years to six years based on the preferred pace of students. The duration of this online course is 12 weeks with 2-3 hours of videos, practice questions, text transcripts, and online graded assignments each week. The 15 to 30 minute-videos provide a series of lectures and sample complex problems with solutions. The students are required to take the end-term exams and quizzes at designated exam centers to receive the Data Science Degree from IIT Madras.

M.Tech in Data Science at IIT Guwahati

IIT Guwahati is offering M.Tech in Data Science at Computer Science Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics department. IIT has observed that Data Science is witnessing a surge of applications in diverse research disciplines. The institute wants to train aspiring data scientists to bridge the gap between the number of opportunities and trained resources. IIT Guwahati requires candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in any stream of Engineering or Technology with a valid GATE score in CS, EC, EE, IN, MA or ST specialisations. The minimum qualification for admission is 60% in the qualifying degree. The curriculum for all four semesters is up-to-date, for students to get a better understanding of Data Science before entering the data-driven world. The PG course includes statistical foundations for Data Science, scientific computing, data structures and algorithms, databases, Python programming lab, machine learning, data visualization lab, and many more.

M.Tech in Data Science at IIT Hyderabad

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering of IIT Hyderabad is offering M.Tech in Data Science or MDS as an extension to the Executive M.Tech in Data Science programme. It is equivalent to the regular M.Tech programme and provides a self-paced programme of 48 credits in 3-5 years. The classes of this Data Science degree will be held over the weekends or other timings for working professionals. The main eligibility criteria are, a candidate should be a working professional with either a Bachelor’s degree in CS, EE, IT, or ECE or a Master’s degree in CS or IT with a 7.0 CGPA. The working professional should have three years of working experience in a relevant industry. The curriculum can be completed either at the campus of IIT Hyderabad or through video-enabled online courses.

B.Tech in Data Science and Engineering at IIT Mandi

IIT Mandi understands the importance of the Data Science paradigm and has started offering a four-year B.Tech in Data Science and Engineering for aspiring data scientists. This Data Science degree provides essential training in applied statistics, applied mathematics, and computer science in the context of Data Science with practical experience. This curriculum will help the students to solve real-life complex problems efficiently. Aspiring data scientists can have a better understanding of both theories and applications on Data Science models to transform complex data into business insights. Total credits for the Data Science and Engineering degree are 30 with six semesters, teaching data handling and visualization, introduction to data structures and algorithms, computing for Data Science, optimization for Data Science, and many more.

M.Tech in AI and Data Science at IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay has given approval for pursuing a minor program in AI and Data Science after completing a B.Tech degree in any specialisation from IIT Bombay. Students can grab the opportunity to pursue a dual degree with an additional PG course and a year-long project in AI and Data Science. Any IIT Bombay student with CPI of more than 7.5 can opt for this Data Science Degree in the sixth and seventh semester with permission from the DUGC of the B.Tech department and DPGC of the M.Tech department. A student with a Masters’s in AI and Data Science will not be allowed for the Minor in AI and Data Science programme. There are two soft-core courses as Programming for Data Science with programming basics, data visualization, databases, and Introduction to Machine Learning with the basics of Machine Learning. This curriculum will be completed with in-class and take-home programming exercises and assignments for a better understanding.

BS and BS-MS in Data Science at IIT Kanpur

IIT Kanpur has launched a 4-year Bachelor of Science and 5-year Bachelor of Science –Master of Science degree programmes in Statistics and Data Science. It is being offered from the academic year 2021-2022 by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. It is tailor-made for students who are highly interested in studying data analysis. The focus will be on fundamental statistical and mathematical, computational as well as Data Science applications for a better understanding. It will empower graduates with the skills and sufficient knowledge to kickstart their careers in the Data Science industry. There will be the availability of different types of structured and unstructured data to solve complex problems. IIT Kanpur will arrange guest lectures by industry personnel, provide real data analysis projects and seminar presentations with internship offers.

Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI at IIT Madras 

Master the skills of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence with this advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence by IIT Madras & Intellipaat. You will get to learn from the top IIT Madras faculty & industry experts, with 1:1 mentorship in this intensive online Bootcamp. This online Data Science and Artificial Intelligence advanced certification course led by the IIT Madras faculty aims at helping you master all the basic and advanced level skills that are crucial in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

M.Tech in Data Analytics at NIT Tiruchirappalli

NIT Trichy, Department of Computer Applications has started a course in M.Tech in Data Analytics in the academic year 2017 and seeks to present its students with a wide range of data analytic techniques and is structured around the broad contours of the different types of data analytics. This programme is aimed at equipping students with the knowledge and familiarity on various tools that are necessary for Big Data analytics. With technical advancements in IT storage, processing, computation, and sensing technologies, Big Data has become a new norm of life. Almost all industries are bracing into the challenge of Big Data and want to dig out valuable information to get insight to solve their challenges. This course will provide the knowledge and understanding of the theory, majorly the application perspective needed to equip students with the ability to handle those challenges. The course also includes subjects like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Computing, Image, and Video Analytics and Statistical Computing gives the students an added advantage, gearing them up to become better data analysts.

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