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Scientists and researchers are continuously working on artificial intelligence and multiple AI technologies such as neural networks to create advanced products and services for the welfare of society. AI projects are thriving in the tech-driven market from multiple reputed tech companies and research centers to improve and discover new ventures in this domain. Thus, it has led to hundreds of human-inspired AI projects available on the internet to gain sufficient knowledge of smart functionalities of artificial intelligence. Let’s explore some of the top human brain-inspired AI projects to approach in 2021.

Top Human Brain-Inspired AI Projects


OpenNN is one of the top human brain-inspired AI projects that helps to build the most powerful AI models with C++. It is known as an open-source neural network library for machine learning and artificial intelligence available for multiple industries. It consists of sophisticated algorithms to develop artificial intelligence solutions for AI projects.


a(rtificial)Human is a human-inspired AI project that was started in 2008 to implement human personality with the integration of a computer program. This AI project utilized strong computer science background with artificial intelligence knowledge. AI models help to learn about neurobiology and approaches assisting in building software programs.

Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing

Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing is of the top brain-inspired AI projects consisting of a set of learning algorithms. Learning algorithms are known for capturing different layers of neurons for neural networks in artificial intelligence. Visual pattern recognition, NLP, object recognition, and many more can be done by human brains with the help of the neocortex. This AI project helps the machines to approach and take over human-level activities efficiently and effectively.


Neu is known as a C++ framework with a collection of multiple programming languages as well as multi-purpose software systems. These help in creating artificial intelligence applications, AI models with simulations, and other technical computing for further advancements in AI technologies.


AILEENN is known as Artificial Intelligence Logic Electronic Emulation Neural Network. This is one of the top human brain-inspired AI projects that act as a cloud-based PaaS platform and IaaS infrastructure based on neural networks and fuzzy logic. This AI project helps in the decision-making process in this tech-driven world.

Visual Hierarchical Modular Neural Network

Visual Hierarchical Modular Neural Network is a brain-inspired AI project that visually constructs a human thought process and logic with a flow to generate artificial intelligence automation. It provides a wide range of innovative and user-friendly tools frameworks that can integrate professional human-like decision-making into commercial systems. It also protects users from mathematical associated with neural networks as well as artificial intelligence algorithms.

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