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April 23, 2022

AIOps Jobs

Owing to the increasing usage of technology, AIOps jobs are also getting traction

A decade back, artificial intelligence was confined to the IT departments of the companies. As digitization became the core of business operations, brands started using technologies like data science and data analytics to get closer to their target audience. With the introduction of DevOps, things have gotten even easier for the tech ecosystem. DevOps has introduced faster release cycles better than ever before and it has also enhanced the dominance of cloud services. Teams are now able to streamline laborious jobs and use advanced tools under the acronym Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps). AIOps is an amazing technology that counters the complexities of IT by automating the monitoring of operational data from apps and services. By integrating AIOps in an organization, the DevOps teams get a plethora of advantages like early warning, automatic identification of threats, best-end user experience, etc. Owing to the increasing usage of technology, AIOps jobs are also getting traction. Professionals filling the AIOps jobs help leverage smarter automation capable of watching loads, predicting demand, and even starting up new instances when the hordes descend. Analytics Insight has listed top AIOps jobs that aspirants should apply for in April 2022.

Top AIOps Jobs to Apply For
AIOps Solution Architect at Tieto

Location(s): Pune

Roles and Responsibilities: The AIOps solution architect should define and strategize AIOps solutions that fit the cloud, network, DC, and application services. As an AIOps solution architect, the candidate will be responsible for building a secure, cloud-native, and scalable ecosystem to support geospatial ML model development and deployment. He/she should have a good understanding of ITOM, AIOps, ITPA, Monitoring and Automation, and AIML knowledge. They should architect and build highly available systems with a focus on automation and security. The candidate should troubleshoot production issues and coordinate with the development team to streamline code development. They should apply cloud computing skills to automate and deploy upgrades and fixes.


  • The candidate should have good knowledge of project management, AIOps, Monitoring, and Automation, and AIML knowledge is preferred.
  • He/she should have a sound understanding of the general CI/CD paradigm, infrastructure as code, and cloud-native technology.
  • They should have ServiceNow skillset with automation like ansible, uipath, or blueprism.
  • Knowledge of integration skillset for API-driven platforms is mandatory.

Apply here for the job.

Principle Software Engineer/Architect, Warden AIOps, HCC Cloud at Salesforce

Location(s): Hyderabad

Roles and Responsibilities: The warden AIOps will be working with a group of world-class engineers and AI researchers to build breakthrough features the company’s customers will love, adopt, and sue while keeping Salesforce’s trusted platform highly available and scalable. The software engineering role at Salesforce encompasses architecture, design, implementation, and testing to ensure the company builds products right and releases them with high quality. In the role, he/she should architect, design, implement, test, and deliver highly scalable products. They should be accountable for defining and driving software architecture and enterprise capabilities. The candidate should design complex software systems for high-end solutions independently, master the company’s development process, culture, and codebase, then improve it.


  • The candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent field and 15+ years of relevant experience.
  • He/she should have deep knowledge of programming and experience with at least one programming language like Python, Java, etc.
  • Expertise in designing, implementing, and operating distributed systems architectures and concepts are mandatory.
  • They should have a solid understanding of API-based architecture and experience building API endpoints.

Apply here for the job.

Data AIOps Manager at Ciena

Location(s): Pune

Roles and Responsibilities: The candidate should provide technical leadership and managerial mentorship to a team of software developers. He/she should mentor staff to manage the teams’ capability and their individual talent. They should report on teams’ contributions to various projects in regular multi-functional projects meetings. The candidate should review product requirements and feature requests, proving development effort estimates and risk assessments to senior management.


  • A minimum of 9+ years of experience architecting large-scale software applications is mandatory.
  • The candidate should have a strong technical background in software engineering and hands-on experience developing applications using Python.
  • He/she should have experience analyzing big data using machine learning in production and familiarity with ML concepts.

Apply here for the job.

AIOps Engineer at idfc first bank

Location(s): Mumbai


  • The candidate should have 7-years of experience in IT operations involving data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics.
  • He/she should have experience in the architecture and implementation of end-to-end AIOps solutions via the ELK, Splunk stack, etc.
  • They should have experience in the use of statistical methods, analysis, pattern recognition, and modeling of computer operational data using ELK and machine learning.
  • Conceptual understanding of machine learning techniques and algorithms such as k-NN, Naive Bayes, SVM, Decision Forests, etc in the field of IT operations is mandatory.
  • The candidate should have excellent knowledge of various components of the IT infrastructure including server infrastructure, the interwar period, database and application architectures, and cloud components.

Apply here for the job.

Moogsoft AIOps- Lead at Wipro

Location(s): Bengaluru

Roles and Responsibilities: As a Moogsoft AIOps Lead, the candidate will be responsible for managing a small team of analysts, developers, testers, or engineers and driving the delivery of a small module within a project. He/she may serve as an entry-level specialist with expertise in particular technology, industry domain, a process, application, or product. They are responsible for the functional and technical track of projects.


  • The candidate should have a minimum work experience of 5-8 years.

Apply here for the job.

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