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December 31, 2021

Cybersecurity projects

Open source cybersecurity projects are essential for organizations to try for effective cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the important elements in the existing computer systems of all organizations in Industry 4.0. The rise in innovations of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning has instigated organizations to adopt digital transformation to boost performance. But, this adoption can welcome a plethora of opportunities for cybercriminals to successfully achieve cyberattacks into the systems. Thus, aspiring techies, who want to join the cybersecurity field, have to try certain cybersecurity projects to gain sufficient knowledge of open source projects. There are innumerable open source projects on cybersecurity to gain confidence in this domain and earn a lucrative salary package per annum. Thus, let’s explore some of the top ten open source cybersecurity projects to try in 2022.

Top Ten Open Source Cybersecurity Projects in 2022


Vuls is one of the top open-source cybersecurity projects in 2022 with an agent-less vulnerability scanner based on data from NVD, OVAL, JVN, and many more. Vuls is a short-term vulnerability scanner for Linux. It can be run on the cloud, on-premise, docker, and other major distributions. Vuls v0.5.0 helps to detect vulnerabilities that patches have not been published from distributors. This cybersecurity project provides remote and local scans, fast and deep scan, dynamic analyses, and scans of vulnerabilities of non-OS packages.


The open-source project on cybersecurity is known as H4cker that helps in cybersecurity, ethical hacking, penetration testing, digital forensic, bug bounties, cloud security, wireless hacking, IoT hacking, web application hacking, fuzzing, malware reverse engineering, as well as incident response resources. It provides O’Reilly live training and learning path, the art of hacking video series, WebSploit labs, and training resources like books, videos, practice tests, and so on.


MISP is known as one of the open-source projects with threat intelligence. This helps to store IOCs in a structured manner and enjoy automated exports for IDS, SIEM, STIX, and so on. Organizations can use this open-source cybersecurity project to receive the maximum out of data without unmanageable complicated issues. It is gaining popularity for being a community-driven project led by the user community. There are different data models available in the cybersecurity project such as MISP core format, MISP taxonomies, MISP galaxy, MISP objects, and so on.

GNU Radio

GNU Radio is one of the top ten open source projects on cybersecurity and software development toolkits to provide signal processing blocks for implementing software radios. Organizations can use this with readily-available low-cost external RF hardware for software-defined radio.


OpenCTI is known as open cyber threat intelligence with the purpose to provide powerful knowledge about cyberattacks. It consists of knowledge graphs, unified and consistent data model, by-design sourcing of data origin, exploration and correlation, automated reasoning, and data access management. This open-source cybersecurity project is a unified platform for all kinds of cyber threat intelligence levels.


ModSecurity is also known as Modsec and is an open-source web application firewall engine for Apache, IIS, and Nginx. It consists of a robust event-based programming language to provide protection from a wide range of cyberattacks against web applications. The open-source project on cybersecurity also allows HTTP traffic monitoring, logging, and real-time analysis efficiently without any error.

IBM Cloud Pak

IBM Cloud Pak is one of the top open-source cybersecurity projects and AI-powered hybrid cloud software. It helps to streamline digital business development and resiliency and delivers the only hybrid cloud platform experience. It enables organizations to build and modernize applications securely across any type of cloud efficiently. It provides complete integrated solutions with data and business automation.


Malice is a popular open-source project on cybersecurity with a version of VirusTotal for anyone to use at any scale. It leverages the trending programming language known as Python with Docker software and a 4GB RAM to protect an organization from potential cyberattacks.

Packer Fuzzer

Packer Fuzzer is known as a fast and efficient scanner for security detection of websites constructed by JavaScript module bundler like webpack. The software is popular for supporting computerized fuzzy extraction of API corresponding to the focus on website and parameter articles. There is an HTML version to analyze in five popular languages such as Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, and English.


Google has launched the open-source cybersecurity project known as OpenTitan to secure chip design efficiently. This project will allow organizations to enhance the initial design and strengthen the security of the implementation of the chip. It can be used in data centres and infrastructures to build upon a trustworthy state.

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