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March 10, 2022

Most-hated AI jobs

Pursue a career only after knowing about the top most-hated and most-loved AI jobs

A lucrative career in artificial intelligence— is a dream of every aspiring AI professional. There is a huge demand for different jobs in AI. Yes, this is a myth that AI is ready to replace all kinds of jobs in the global market across the world. This advanced technology has created a plethora of opportunities to work with tech companies and earn attractive salary packages. It is known that every coin has two sides! Artificial intelligence jobs also can have two sides which manifest as most-loved AI jobs and most-hated AI jobs. It totally depends on the mindset, talent, and technical know-how of any AI professional. Let’s explore some of the top ten most-hated AI jobs and most-loved AI jobs in 2022.

Most-loved AI jobs in 2022

AI engineer

AI engineer is one of the top most-loved AI jobs in the fast-growing AI industry. The employee is responsible for programming and developing complex networks of artificial intelligence algorithms to make the machine work like a human brain. The job role involves conducting statistical analysis by automating key infrastructure for data science teams. The average annual salary of this most-loved AI job is US$100,000.

Machine learning engineer

Machine learning engineer is gaining popularity as the most-loved AI job in 2022. The ML engineer is known as a technically proficient programmer to research and design self-running software for automating predictive models. The role is to perform statistical analysis as well as analyze the ML algorithms use cases. The average annual salary of this most-loved AI job is US$130,000.

Business intelligence developers

Business intelligence developer is a well-known most-loved AI job with utmost responsibilities such as leveraging software tools to drive meaningful in-depth insights for driving growth opportunities and earning revenues in the year. The BI developers need to offer quantifiable solutions for complicated problems with data warehouses. The average annual salary of this most-loved AI job is US$100,000.

Data scientist

Data scientist is the hottest job in AI in recent years. An AI professional can transform vast amounts of real-time data into meaningful insights efficiently through multiple data management steps. The main aim is to help organizations make strategic decisions to enhance customer engagement and revenue rates. The average annual salary of this most-loved AI job is US$140,000.

Robotics engineer

Robotics engineering is one of the thriving most-loved AI jobs across the world. The role involves creating autonomous machines through designing prototypes and maintaining the robotics software. It is needed to test robotics systems and spend the whole day with different robots to enhance productivity. The average annual salary of this most-loved AI job is US$100,000.

Most-hated AI jobs in 2022

Human-centered machine learning designer

Human-Centered Machine Learning designers can feel overwhelmed with the complicated workspace as well as the sheer breadth of ample opportunities for innovation. The job in AI is not as popular as the above-mentioned AI professionals. One expects machine learning to figure out the complicated problems to solve by jumping or skipping steps. This is one of the most-hated AI jobs with an average annual salary of US$115,000.

Database administrator

The database administrator is one of the most-hated AI jobs as it is extremely stressful and one mistake can provide a serious consequence in a company. Any kind of emergency situation related to the database in the existing system, this AI professional should attend, even at the cost of personal life. One must always keep systems updated by maintaining currency to hold on to their job in an organization.

DevOps engineer

DevOps engineer is an emerging most-hated AI job in 2022 as the development with DevOps is very expensive for the company budget. This job in AI needs to adopt new DevOps technology that can be difficult to manage in a very short period of time because there is very little availability of DevOps engineers.

Field service technician

Field service technician is one of the top most-hated AI jobs among AI professionals because working in the domain of field service management is tough. There are potential chances of running out of copies and forms in the office, not receiving a reliable connection to seamlessly complete any designated work, slow access to real-time data, and many more.

Blockchain UX designer

Blockchain UX designer is a popular most-hated AI job in 2022 because there are multiple challenges related to blockchain UX. There is a lack of clear and proper feedback with the rising latency time. It is a time-consuming process for designing the best blockchain UX design for organizations.

That being said, the most common points of intersection for these jobs in AI are the love for technology and the qualification to receive job offers. All aspiring AI professionals must have a Bachelor’s degree in any technical field from any recognized university with years of practical experience to have a good understanding of the field.

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