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October 31, 2021

The popularity of machine learning and artificial intelligence is driving more and more technological innovations. The tech market is also attracting several new tech professionals, both from tech and non-tech backgrounds. The emergence of machine learning hackathons has turned out to be one of the best ways for machine learning and AI practitioners to practice and show off their skills. Hackathons provide an environment for the participants to work on various kinds of projects using distinct tools to show off their skills. In this article, we talk about the top machine learning hackathons that AI professionals can choose from in 2021.

• Kaggle: It is one of the world’s largest data science platforms for the AI community, with over a million registered users. It is a crowd-sourced platform under Google that primarily focuses on training and challenging data scientists and AI professionals all over the world, to solve data science, machine learning, and predictive analytics problems.

• Zindi: It is a data science competition platform and also one of the firsts in Africa. It gives several organizations and governments access to top-notch AI and ML Zindi is one of the best communities for teachers, engineers, scientists, and scientists to solve the most pressing problems of Africa.

• CodaLab: It is an open-source platform that provides an ecosystem for conducting computational research in a more productive, efficient, and secure way. There are two aspects of CodaLab, i.e., worksheets and competitions. The worksheets aim to capture complex research pipelines in a reproducible way, whereas, the competition brings the entire community together to solve complexing data.

• Bitgrit: Bitgrit is a competitive and recruiting platform for artificial intelligence and data science professionals to create novel data-driven ideas to enhance the uses of AI and inculcate it in our daily activities. It is an intermediate-level platform that has a data science job portal for jobs available in Japan. Zindi offers prize money to the winners of the different competitions organized by them.

• claims to be the hardest data science tournament on the planet. The primary focus of this tournament is to build the world’s open hedge fund by modeling the stock market. It uses the power of machine learning and predictive modeling to create these solutions. AI professionals who take part in this also get pay-outs based on their performances.

• DPhi: DPhi is a community with a vision to build a data culture and democratize data science learning. The artificial intelligence challenges in this platform are simulated from real-world problems. It is a great platform for AI and data science professionals to test their skills through competitions and challenges.

• Unearthed: It is the largest network of companies, developers, and AI professionals working to improve the efficiency and sustainability of energy and resources companies. One of the most intriguing challenges organized by the platform is the Hydrogen Hypothesis, which required the participants to submit an experiment showing safe use cases of hydrogen in mining.

• AI Crowd: It is a platform for streamlining the AI workflows, internally and externally, by running AI, machine learning, and other data science problems. AI Crowd helps businesses, universities, and government agencies, by managing and promoting their challenges.

• Tianchi: Tianchi is a very popular platform for intermediate and advanced level machine learning practitioners. It organizes big data competitions, for using big data and distributed computing resources to develop cutting-edge solutions for real-world problems. Various problems including artificial intelligence, deep learning, and object detection are frequently addressed here.

• HackerEarth: This platform has developed a massive community of over 5 million people. HackerEarth is well-known for hosting over 1000 hackathons and around 10,000 programming challenges to date. It also delivers enterprise software solutions to recruiters from organizations with answers to technical recruiting.

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