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December 28, 2021

AI stocks

These AI stocks can gear up your 2022

Artificial intelligence is booming like never before these days. AI and its offshoots such as deep learning and machine learning use computers to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.  AI uses the trained system to make inferences about new data it’s never seen. Many big tech companies are using artificial intelligence to make their existing operations more powerful and accurate. On the other side, companies are also gaining profit directly from artificial intelligence by selling hardware, software, and services. Here are the top AI stocks that you must definitely consider buying this season.

1 Nvidia

Nvidia is the leading graphics chip company that has taken advantage of the artificial intelligence rise, with its graphics cards becoming the de facto standard in data centers around the world. The company’s data center business represents a steadily increasing share of Nvidia’s total revenue. AI is one of the driving forces behind the company’s growth. So, this is one of the top AI stocks to buy this season.


IBM is a company with a great legacy and has been a provider of hardware, software, and services to large enterprise customers. Its mainframe computer systems are still ubiquitous in certain industries, and it regularly signs multi-year technology deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars each. On one side where the market of AI products and services is fragmented, IBM is leading the industry. This is one of the best AI stocks to invest in 2022.

3 Micron Technology

Micron Technology manufactures memory chips, such as dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) and NAND flash memory found in solid-state storage drives. In the future, demand for memory chips will only grow, and that’s especially true in the Artificial Intelligence sector. Micron is likely to remain volatile due to the nature of its business. So this is one of the top AI stocks to buy this season.

4 Amazon

Amazon is one such company that is using AI to a great extent. The Founder and Executive Chairman Jeff Bezos has been an evangelist for artificial intelligence and machine learning, and although Amazon started as an online retailer, technology has always been the company’s core. It is the largest e-commerce business that is built on AI since algorithms run its top-flight recommendation engines for e-commerce and video and music streaming. This is one of the best AI stocks to invest upon in 2022.

5 is a SaaS company whose software allows companies to deploy large AI applications. Its tools help its customers accelerate software development and reduce cost and risk, and they have a wide variety of applications. is the first mover in its industry and says it is not aware of an end-to-end enterprise AI development platform that is directly competitive with it. This is one of the best AI stocks to invest upon in 2022.

6 Bosch

The Bosch Center for AI was founded in 2017 to apply cutting-edge AI tech to the company’s services resulting in innovative solutions. Bosch created the technological groundwork for AI to have a real-world impact. Its research produces differentiation in six areas using data from all of the company’s disciplines with a focus on core artificial intelligence technologies.

7 Kellton Tech

Kellton Tech is an information technology and outsourcing company that is based in Hyderabad with locations in the United States and Europe. The company creates cutting-edge AI solutions to challenge the traditional human intellect, ranging from machine learning to deep learning. This is one of the best AI stocks to invest upon in 2022.

8 Zensar Technologies

Zensar Technologies is betting on AI. Its go-to-market strategy is now pivoting away from digital and toward disruptive AI. It has also announced the initial set of platforms for seven major areas such as sales, marketing, IT, talent supply chain, HR, collaboration, projects, and programs to help customers create value. So, this is one of the top AI stocks to buy this season.

9 Cyient

Cyient assists companies in achieving business objectives rather than merely new tools and technologies. So, this is one of the top AI stocks to buy this season. Over a three-year period, the stock returned 24.4 percent, while the Nifty IT returned 106.55 percent to investors. Rather than providing new tools and technologies, it aids businesses in attaining their goals.

10 Oracle Financials

Oracle can assist you in implementing artificial intelligence in your company and IT processes. With Oracle Cloud applications and platform, as well as Oracle Autonomous Database, all operating on Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud, you can speed up automation, minimize human errors, and gain greater business insights. So, this is one of the top AI stocks to buy this season.

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