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There are a number of articles out there about all of the hairstyles that can make you look older, but when it comes to tips on how to look more youthful by just wielding a brush and a can of hairspray, you may come up short. Katy Perry showed how it’s done in a recent Instagram post — and how easily it’s done. One of her best looks in recent years is minimalist and unfussy, and yet it makes her positively glow. Before you shell out money for another trendy salon haircut or highlights (neither of which Katy displays in her recent pic), you need to see this anti-aging hairstyle that Katy Perry just wore that gives you an instant facelift. Best of all: recreating it yourself will be a breeze at home. 

Sleek Updo

We’re so used to seeing Katy Perry rock a variety of haircuts and styles. From raven Hollywood-retro waves to her most recent short blonde pixie rebel cut, there’s nothing she won’t try or can’t flawlessly pull off. So when she took to her Instagram to joke “You wanna pizza me? Back in Vegas this week!” and accompanied her exciting message with a photo of herself with a sleek updo, we weren’t shocked that she could look so effortlessly elegant — but we can’t lie: it is a little surprising that she looks better than ever wearing a ‘do we can actually copy without professional help.

Katy Perry Instagram

The hairstyle itself is a ballerina-style topknot with a slicked back front and sides — with nothing but a few wisps of hair peeking out along the side. Her hair puts the full spotlight on her gorgeous makeup (she credits Makeup Artist Michael Anthony for his mastery here), which includes dramatic brows, a delicate sliver of rhinestones along pale lids, voluminous lashes, and peachy-pink lips. Oh — and we can’t forget a set of sparkling drop earrings that complete her Mediterranean goddess look. Perfection. 

So, what is it about this updo that gives off such youthful vibes (and why do other celebs like Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez frequently turn to it to make a stunning appearance on red carpets?) Simple: it emphasizes your cheekbones, bone structure, brows, and eyes, elongates your neck and face, and makes your skin appear tighter. Add a visually breathtaking element such as gorgeous earrings or a statement necklace paired over an off-the-shoulder blouse and you help draw the eye to these pieces, as well. 

Katy always hits the mark when it comes to beautiful looks, but this may be one of her most glam yet — and we’re copying it ASAP. 

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