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Since the mid-1990s, Jennifer Aniston has been the trendsetter of all trendsetters. Who could forget that iconic hairstyle dubbed “The Rachel” that had women everywhere running to the salons for that perfect choppy look?!

Throughout her career, Aniston has been touted as the definition of aging effortlessly. Holding a photo of the 53-year-old actress now side-by-side with a photo of her then, you’d be hard-pressed to spot the difference. The Morning Show star radiates no-fuss, glamorous vibes everywhere she goes, and her glowing skin is no exception.

Now, with her Friends days nearly two decades in the rearview, Aniston is pushing to change the narrative of anti-aging talk in the beauty world. “Very little offends me, but what I do think is becoming dated are things like, ‘Oh, you look great for your age,'” she told Allure in a 2019 interview. “Because at a certain point, you should start to look like shit? Because that’s what that is implying. Like, ‘You should look like hell right now!'”

That said, the 53-year-old actress works hard to maintain her good looks and has some of the most sought-after diet, skincare, and workout routines in Hollywood. Read on to discover the 7 anti-aging secrets that Jennifer Aniston lives by, and next, don’t miss how 16 Famous Celebs Make Their Morning Oatmeal.

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