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Aging skin is a natural part of life, brought about by a loss of collagen, sun damage, and even your diet. Just as the food you eat can have an impact on your body and overall health, determining weight gain or loss, certain foods can also bring about premature aging when consumed regularly, and may be causing your skin to look dull, dry, and even develop fine lines and wrinkles.

Although it’s unrealistic to completely halt the aging process, tailoring your diet to reduce or remove foods which may be provoking premature aging can make all the difference in your complexion, brightening and smoothing your skin for a more youthful appearance.

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While great for giving your body a boost of energy in the morning or when you’re feeling tired or burnt out, an excess of caffeine may be one of the biggest culprits for premature aging, making your skin look dull and drained. Your mind may initially go to coffee, but it’s more often soda which may have a damaging effect on your appearance. “Caffeine is a substance that is said to be contributory to poor sleeping habits and thereby increasing your chances of having dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines which are all popularly known as signs of aging,” explains Valerie Barnett, aesthetician, beauty expert, and founder of PleasingCare.

Soda is packed with caffeine which may make your body feel more alert, but when consumed in the evening, it can impede on your sleep which is an essential time for your skin to regenerate. Lack of sleep can also cause unwanted dark circles and puffiness which naturally cause you to appear older and more exhausted. “According to researchers, soda affects our cells — the building blocks of life adversely. Soda ages the bodily cells rapidly through caffeine contents and it is even contributory to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart and liver disease,” says Barnett. 


Another factor to note is that caffeine is a diuretic, causing you to urinate more frequently and therefore depleting your body of hydration. Dehydrated skin is more apt to appear scaly, dull and display fine lines more easily, so counterbalancing your morning coffee with water, or replacing your evening soda with a seltzer may make all the difference in preserving the youthful appearance we’re all hoping to maintain. Although your skincare routine is also going to play a significant role in the state of your skin, consuming excess amounts of caffeine may have an even greater impact on your appearance. 

It’s not necessary to entirely remove caffeine from your diet in order to preserve a youthful complexion, but switching to caffeine sources which also provide other nutrients can be useful in your skincare journey. “To get rid of these unwanted elements in our body, you should switch to healthier beverages — those that contain antioxidants such as green tea,” suggests Barnett. “Green tea is quite cheap with potent healthy benefits. It doesn’t just counter the aging process but is said to combat diseases and quell chronic inflammation like the diseases mentioned.” Not only this, but one cup of green tea also contains about 50 mg of caffeine. With lowered consumption of caffeine, a balanced skincare regimen, and plenty of sleep, you should be able to keep signs of aging at bay for years to come, maintaining a smooth and bright appearance. 

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