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There’s nothing better than “au-naturale” when it comes to your body, and choosing a lotion should be no different. From smooth & shea, aloe-infused aroma, or purely plant-based, these top choices for the best natural lotion will do all you need and more to make your skin feel smooth, nourished, and cared for.

Our hand-picked selections come in a variety of sizes, fragrances, and skin types, but they all pass the most important test: made with the most natural ingredients that Mother Earth offers. Whether you’re looking to soothe irritated skin, moisturize to protect from cool/dry weather, or simply bring out your natural glow, these lotions will have you covered from head to toe.

The Best Natural Lotion You Can Buy 

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Price: $11.78

Made from the perfect blend of 100% Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, and Coconut water, Shea Moisture Body Lotion clocks in as the best overall natural lotion for any skin type. It was made to moisturize like none other, without leaving a sticky or oily after-feel.

This lotion is perfect for after a hot bath or shower, but we guarantee you’ll love it so much that it’ll be part of your daily routine. Massage it with love and feel the rejuvenating results.

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Price: $15.49

Also deemed Amazon’s Choice, we couldn’t agree more that this lotion is top of the charts. Not only is this lotion made with fully organic ingredients, but it’s also got the EWG-verified and NSF-certified stamps of approval (aka it’s super environmentally friendly).

This natural lotion is exceptional for dry skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. The lavender scent will ease your way into a restful night’s sleep.

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Price: $29.99

Made By Hemp’s Daily lotion is a one-of-a-kind anti-aging solution, this natural lotion uses hemp oil, mango butter, hibiscus, and lemon ball hydrosol to soothe, smooth, and naturally tighten your skin.

We gave this lotion a big thumbs up for its fully-body use. It’s the perfect gentle layer on a clean face, or massage it onto your hands and feel the buttery soft results.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $8.99

If natural ingredients are what you seek, then look no further than Renpure. Made with their coined “good-for-you” ingredients, Renpure products contain 80% plants and 100% love.

To combat dry skin, this natural lotion combines Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, and an extra serving of Vitamin E to deeply condition your skin. We love this product for its focus on the body, the environment, and making affordable natural products.

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Price: $18.36

Everyone’s Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion is for exactly that – everyone! Hydration and a smooth sensation are guaranteed with this beautiful concoction of lotion and essential oils.

All fragrances come from their most natural source, and with many great combinations, you’re bound to find a scent (or 3) that will steal your heart. We love their coconut and citrus combo for its fruitful scent and its soothing feel.

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Price: $9.99

No list of natural lotions is complete without Dr. Bronners, and their products are widely acclaimed for a reason. With 100% organic ingredients and essential oils, Dr. Bronner’s Lotion is a great choice for anyone tracking their eco-footprint.

We love Dr. Bronner’s products for their honest label and even more honest business plan. Not only do they keep their customers front-of-mind, but they also ensure their employees are always taken care of too.

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Price: $8.45

Raw shea butter is the not-so-secret ingredient that makes Alaffia products irresistible. This lotion deeply moisturizes and hydrates normal to dry skin with luscious ingredients like saponin, tannins, and antioxidants.

Alaffia is certified clean, fair trade, and sulfate-free. We love the added lemongrass to soothe irritations, and the unscented version is perfect for sensitive skin.

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Price: $11.99

The Ethique Unscented Body Lotion Concentrate Bar is the future of refillable skincare. Not only is the production pure genius, the product is unbelievable.

Fairtrade cocoa butter and coconut oil are perfectly balanced to nourish and replenish dry or sensitive skin. This product is easy to make, easy to use, and easy on our planet; we highly recommend it.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $39

This natural lotion comes on the higher end of our list for a reason. The ingredients found in Jurlique products are rich botanicals all grown on an organic farm in South Australia. 

Avocado and Macadamia oils paired with a rosy aroma make this product top-of-the-line. We love to know where things are made, and Jurlique sure has nothing to hide.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $7.68

Nothing provides better itching relief than Gold Bond, and we’re happy to include this common household favorite on our list. Gold Bond uses Menthol to offer a cool relief to any itch or irritation.

This body lotion is the best defense against dry or cracked skin. We love its multipurpose use, from soothing an itch to protecting minor cuts and burns too.

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Price: $12.89

Just like it says, Alba Botanica Body Lotion is very emollient indeed. It offers guaranteed softer skin without the thick texture.

Alba Body Lotion is made from shea butter, avocado oil, and jojoba seed oil to smooth and soften longer. We love to see the leaping bunny certified stamp, and with Alba products, they take it a step further to be made 100% Vegetarian.

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Price: $6.79

Each of Love Beauty & Planet’s products is made with rich ingredients, and their body lotion does everything and more for all skin types. Made with Amazonian murumuru butter, this lotion brings soft skin and a subtle glow to a whole new level.

This natural lotion’s motto is: “a carbon footprint so small it’s like we weren’t even here.” We love their incentive for bringing beautiful, affordable products in line with their goals to help the planet too.

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Price: $15.20

Hempz Moisturizing Skin Lotion is made with 4 main natural ingredients: hemp seed oil, shea butter, cucumber, and aloe. Add in the sweet aroma of sweet pineapple & honey melon, and you’ll never want to buy anything else.

These all-natural ingredients allow this lotion to do more than just soothe – it repairs! We love the extra vitamins that Hempz includes to ensure your skin stays healthy.

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Price: $6.64

Palmer’s Body Lotion combines coconut oil, monoi oil, and almond oil to create a luxurious moisturizer at an affordable price. They pride themselves on their use of only the finest ingredients and support sustainable production lines for their products.

With an added dose of Vitamin E, this body lotion will give your skin moisture that’s guaranteed to last all day, or even longer. We love them for their focus on all-around natural ingredients and affordability.

Which Natural Lotion is best for your Life & Style?

Whether you’re vacationing in a dryer climate, preparing for the cold winter months, or need a lotion that’s as earth-conscious as you are, we know you’ll find something from this list that fits your skin. We know that choosing a skincare routine can be difficult, and from the thousands of brands out there to choose from, we did the hard work for you.

These top choices are perfect for almost any skin type, but with a smaller variety, you’re bound to find a choice that’s perfect for you. From normal to dry or even sensitive skin, you deserve a lotion that takes care of your skin and leaves you feeling clean & covered.

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