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Men’s skincare might seem like a relatively new market, but it’s been around for longer than you might think. Despite early noughties media derisively labelling anyone who did more than splash his face with water as a “metrosexual”, Biotherm Homme was one of the first beauty brands to create a line specifically designed for men’s skin all the way back in 1985. Thirty-seven years later, it’s still the number one premium skincare brand for men worldwide and the exclusive launch of its new product, Force Suprême Blue Serum, on Look Fantastic in late 2021, proves why.

Biotherm Homme’s formulas use cutting-edge chemistry and natural ingredients to meet the challenges of men’s skin – and yes, there is a difference. Men’s skin is up to 25 percent thicker than women’s, but with a weaker barrier that means it’s also more fragile. Thanks to higher collagen density, men’s skin also tends to show signs of ageing later than women’s. The downside is that when these signs do start to appear, they tend to increase at a much faster rate. If you’ve noticed crow’s feet and frown lines becoming more apparent in the mirror over the past few years, you’re not alone – and it’s probably not just stress.

The anti ageing serum you need in your skincare routine

Enter Biotherm Homme’s latest product, which is clinically proven to reverse signs of ageing from your very first use. If you haven’t used a serum before, don’t be intimidated by the concept: it’s simply a lightweight formula that sinks in quickly and is usually applied before heavier moisturisers or creams. It might just seem like one more step to add to your already-hectic schedule, but it’s well worth taking the extra few seconds. It’s a potent mix of active ingredients, designed to address specific skin concerns while working in harmony with the rest of your routine. If serums are a new inclusion to your skincare regime, this is a prime one to start with; and if you’ve already been using one, this is the product you need to up your game. Each of the serum’s key ingredients tackle signs of ageing to make skin appear more radiant, more even and less wrinkled. Studies show that there’s a difference even after the first use, and results are visible within one month – which isn’t long to wait for a reduction in fine lines and imperfections.

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