The Aesthetic Procedures Women in Their 40s are Requesting Most – NewBeauty Magazine

Facelifting Procedures

Whether via surgical means or via injectable technique, the 40-year-old face does benefit from some minor lifting. “I think people are no longer waiting until they are 70 or 80 years old to get a facelift and I think with such a quick recovery, not taking narcotics after surgery and being able to get right back into your busy lifestyle, there’s a lot of appeal for a mini facelift,” explains Chicago plastic surgeon Sam Speron, MD. “A mini facelift takes about 30 minutes under local anesthesia and many doctors, like myself, can do it in-office.”

Wayne, NJ facial plastic surgeon Jeffrey B. Wise, MD adds that in additional to surgical lifts, his patients see dramatic improvement through injectable “liquid facelifts” as well. “This treatment entails a combination of injectables, such as Botox and dermal fillers, customized to reduce signs of sagging and wrinkles, and strategically adding volume to enhance the patient’s existing features and ‘turn back the clock.’ This highly versatile treatment is fantastic because it can not only soften wrinkles and lines, but also reduce hollow, sunken-in under-eyes, smooth out the forehead, plump up the lips, give eyebrows a subtle lift, diminish nasolabial folds, fill in cheeks and other areas with lost volume, reduce the look of jowling, and contour the face.”

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