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Cognitive Computing

With advanced software, these companies are making cognitive computing accessible.

Business applications of cognitive computing are gaining popularity rapidly. Cognitive computing technology combines machine learning, reasoning, NLP, speech vision, and human-computer interaction in a way that mimics the human brain to improve decision-making. This AI-powered capability has the potential to transform several industries, right from sales forecasting, improving communications, supply chain operations, to better drug discovery, marketing, defense, fraud detection, financial sector, and agriculture.

Tech companies that have released these applications are working on preparing products and services to help clients put data to better work.

Innovative Cognitive Computing Companies


Aesera’s AI Service Management Platform (AISM), helps customers and employees by optimizing processes for better productivity and slashed costs. The platform connects automated service experience with AI-based conversational engagement and workflow automation.


Accenture aims to leverage all of its clients and their processes with the company’s unique approach to scaling AI, analytics, data, and automation. With applied intelligence, Accenture’s teams help organizations to invest in the right solutions and services that will suit their business goals.

AWS Machine Learning

AWS’s machine learning services and supporting cloud infrastructure, enable every developer, data scientist, and expert practitioner to use machine learning capabilities. At present, AWS is helping more than a thousand clients accelerate their machine learning capabilities.


Alteryx, provides a platform that facilitates end-to-end analytics process automation. The company recently announced new products that innovatively deal with analytics and data science automation, analytics in the cloud, AI, and machine learning. These new launches focus on delivering a simple user experience with no-code, low-code approaches to leverage business outcomes.


C3 AI, provides enterprise AI software that accelerates digital transformation with fully integrated products like C3 AI Suite (an end-to-end platform for AI applications), C3 AI Applications (a bundle of industry-specific SaaS AI apps), C3 AI CRM (CRM applications for AI and ML), and C3 AI Machina, a no-code AI solution for everyday data science.


SparkCognition, provides three cognitive computing software for enterprises, SparkPredict, SparkSecure, and MindFabric. SparkPredict uses sophisticated algorithms to large pools of data with intelligence. SparkSecure Cognitive Insights add a cognitive layer to security solutions to improve threat detection, leverage IT abilities, and reduce the probability of false positives. MindFabric platform acts as a workspace for professionals for deep data-led insights.

Microsoft Cognitive Services

Microsoft’s Cognitive Services boosts Microsoft’s machine learning APIs to help developers easily add intelligent features like emotion detection, voice recognition, and language understanding. With just a few lines of code, developers can build apps that can work across devices like iOS, Android, and Windows.

Expert System

Expert System, provides software that is capable of working with language and technology to make sense out of unstructured content. Clients can extract insights and make human-level decisions with strengthened analytics. This software comprehends multiple languages, just like humans.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson performs deep content analysis and uses evidence-based reasoning to leverage and improve decision making, reducing costs for better outcomes. For this, the software uses

A set of transformational technologies that use natural language, hypothesis generation, and evidence-based learning. Experts believe that Watson holds the power to transform the process of business problem solving as the system uses machine learning, statistical analysis, and NLP to find answers amidst the clues. Watson then compares the answers by ranking them based on confidence and accuracy.


Deepmind aims to solve intelligence-based business problems with the research. Deepmind uses real-world applications of AI technology to help industries like healthcare. It enables nurses, doctors, and support staff to quickly analyze test results, forms the right diagnosis and treatment, and escalate the case to a specialist. All these judgments can be made using the advanced technology of accurate analysis.

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