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State seeks application cloud solution for citizen programmers

The State Department is looking to migrate its legacy applications from department-owned environments to a FedRAMP-approved cloud service with an application platform as a service solution.

An aPaaS  solution would give State an way to “transform its IT portfolio” by giving it a way to  purchase a variety of IT services in a utility-based model where it only pays for services consumed, according to an Aug. 6 request for information.

The multi-platform, multi-tenant enterprise capability toolset must include in-platform continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline capabilities, native application programming interfaces, strong application governance capabilities and support for machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and robust analytics. It must be approved at the FedRAMP moderate level at a minimum and support mobile operating systems and limited offline work.

Besides putting applications in the cloud, the State Department is also considering using no code/low code tools to move development, prototyping, testing and deployment closer to “citizen programmers” at the department office so software can be deployed faster.

Responses are due Aug. 23. Read the full RFI here.

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