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Here are a bunch of celebrity names you would never expect to see next to each other — Lil Nas X, Nicole Kidman, Mandy Moore, and Sydney Sweeney. There is, however, a common thread — a wand actually, that unites them all — the SolaWave Light Therapy Wand

LED therapy is a skin-improving technology that’s relatively new to the public, but has started to become more common in recent years. There are two main types: red light for anti-aging and blue light for a smoother complexion (SolaWave offers both a red and blue light option). 

Besides the more affordable price point, the SolaWave has an additional benefit — the small, handheld  size of the wand. Not only does this modality allow for a more precise and controlled treatment, but it also doesn’t require the user to wear it over their entire face (personally, a mask where bright light surrounds my retinas makes me incredibly nervous). 

According to the brand, you only need to use the tool for five minutes a day to start seeing the clarifying and collagen-boosting results. And since it has the approval of multiple Hollywood makeup artists, you can trust that the SolaWave wand is a worthwhile investment if you’re interested in upping your at-home skincare game to a more high-tech level.  

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