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Solar-focused EV startups are tapping solutions from 2018 Rising Star winner Gorazd Gotovac‘s company.

Gotovac, who is chief technology officer at Elaphe Propulsion Technologies, told Automotive News Europe that Aptera Motors and Lightyear picked the Slovenia-based supplier because of its in-wheel motors.

He said the long-range, solar-reliant vehicles need to be extremely energy efficient without sacrificing on torque and power.

Elaphe and Lightyear say they have achieved “in-wheel motor efficiencies of 97 percent, losing just a fraction of energy through heat” in the company’s Lightyear 0 solar car.

Lightyear wants its cars to be able to drive up to 20,000 km a year using the power of the sun.

Elaphe also has announced it will manufacture and supply Aptera with up to 100,000 in-wheel motors a year.

Gotovac said another benefit of Elaphe solution is packaging, which leads to less vehicle mass and less air drag.

Gotovac, who has a doctorate in electrical engineering, initially, didn’t consider a career in the automotive industry. Now, with the shift to EVs in full swing, he can’t imagine a better place to be.

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