Software engineering school Holberton adds to campus in Tulsa – Journal Record

The Holberton School’s 20-month curriculum is intended to provide a solid foundation for students in software programming as well as more specialized instruction in some other focused field of study. (Courtesy photo)

Holberton, a software engineering school that defers tuition payments until after students have graduated and landed jobs, has expanded its footprint in Tulsa.

A 17,000-square-foot annex has been added as a supplement to the school’s downtown Tulsa campus, located at 15 N. Cheyenne Ave. School officials have planned a dedication for the annex at 4 p.m. Monday.

Founded in California’s Silicon Valley, the Holberton School was recruited to Tulsa in 2019 by the George Kaiser Family Foundation. Its goals include preparing students for high-paying, high-demand jobs in software engineering. Supporters have said the school enhances not only prospects for students but also economic development in the Tulsa region.

According to a release, Holberton’s 20-month curriculum is intended to provide a solid foundation for students in software programming as well as more specialized instruction in some preferred field of study. Students might pursue more focused training in virtual reality, for example, or in machine learning, advanced algorithms, or other areas.

Holberton students can receive need-based living assistance and subsidized dorm living in addition to benefits of tuition deferral. Following graduation, they agree to pay a portion of salaries for 42 months after finding jobs.

Holberton campuses are located in San Francisco; New Haven, Connecticut; and in several other cities in addition to Tulsa. It located in Tulsa, officials said in 2019, because of the city’s commitment to growing its technology-based industry sector.

“The city of Tulsa has an emerging technology sector and is on its way to becoming a new American tech hub,” an introductory article on Holberton’s website states. “Tulsa’s leaders have made significant commitments to diversify the city’s economy and grow its tech jobs infrastructure. Countless private/public sector partners have developed innovative programs to attract tech companies and investments and supply them with highly trained employees.”

School officials and state and local leaders who have planned to attend the annex dedication include Holberton Tulsa CEO Libby Ediger, Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum, Oklahoma Secretary of Science and Innovation Elizabeth Pollard, partners from the George Kaiser Family Foundation, and current students, alumni and other workforce and community partners.

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