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Social media skincare star “Nurse Nancy” Pellegrino reveals her favorite anti-aging products.

Video Transcript

NANCY PELLEGRINO: Hi, I’m Nancy Pellegrino, also known as Nurse Nancy. And I can’t wait to share my anti-aging tips and tricks with you on “New in the Q.”


I’ve been a nurse practitioner for about 30 years. And I’ve been doing aesthetic medicine for the last 22 years. So it’s always been a dream of mine to do a skincare line. And so, when I met my co-founder Courtney Weber, it was just a match made in heaven.

So we launched our product line two years ago. We have a phrase that bubbles are better in champagne, because bubbles really are harsh to the skin. They get into the skin cells, and it causes damage even after you’ve rinsed it all off.

So we don’t want those on our skin. This is our cream to oil to milk cleanser, called the Triple Cleanse. You add water, which acts as an emulsifier. It leaves the skin refreshed and hydrated.

The next product I love for anti-aging is Amlactin. I have been recommending this for at least 20 years. It contains lactic acid, 12%. It causes exfoliation, but it also causes hydration.

Cleopatra would take baths in soured milk. And where do we get lactic acid from? The lactose in milk. So she was way ahead of her time. Anyways, it’s my go to. I love this product.

Moisture is probably the key component to anti-aging. About 3:00 PM, our skin in its natural circadian rhythm dips in moisture. One of my favorite products is called the Day Drink. This is a energizing hydration tonic.

We put hyaluronic acid, soothing cucumber water, and then these energizing minerals– copper, magnesium, and zinc, along with vitamin C, the Holy Grail of anti-aging skin care. So it’s all in one. It’s spreadable skincare.

One of the things that I always tell patients to do is to exfoliate the skin. It gets rid of rough skin cells. It makes the skin smooth. And it makes the light reflect better on the skin. But I also use highlighters.

You want highlights on the apex of the cheek. You want it on the brow bone. You want it down the center of your nose, on the cupid’s bow. You just need to put it strategically in all the right places.

Sleep is probably my number one anti-aging tip, just for overall health, not only your skin, but just your overall health. I take melatonin supplements. I use a little pillow spray on my side.

But the game changer for me is my favorite sleep mask. It’s by Slip. And they come in different colors. They’re all pretty much the same size, but they’re just really soft.

They’re padded a little bit, and this assures that you’re going to have that consistent darkness that allows you to sleep through the night. And then I use a silk pillowcase, too. If you’re a side sleeper, which I am, it helps not to wrinkle up your skin.

Thank you for joining me on “New in the Q.” I hope you learned a lot from my anti-aging skin tips.

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