Sify Technologies announces channel partnership with Colt Technology Services for Europe – Economic Times

ICT solutions provider Sify Technologies announced a channel partnership with Colt Technology Services, a provider of high bandwidth and on-demand connectivity, to cover the European geography.

The partnership introduces Sify’s collaborative practices for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the Infrastructure-as-a-Service that delivers on-premises computing power to run cloud-native and enterprise company’s IT workloads. This is made possible by Colt’s network connectivity capability with its On Demand service allowing specifically for connectivity to be flexed up for the OCI migration. That means the customer gets the additional connectivity only when it is required, the company said in a statement on Thursday.

“This engagement combines Sify’s deep Oracle consulting experience with Colt’s European flexible networking services. The combination enables Oracle Cloud adoption at a much faster pace, to extremely high standards and at a much lower cost. Furthermore, the unification of resources brings unrivalled expertise in migrating many other types of databases to the Public cloud,” Justin Polley, Commercial Director, Sify Europe said.

Multiple businesses across Europe are beginning to leverage the full benefits of Oracle Enterprise Cloud offering. Most of these businesses are also struggling with expertise to plan and migrate Oracle workloads and licencing to a more commercially viable solution. This new partnership allows the adoption of OCI to be done efficiently over a fast, reliable, and secure network connection.

With Colt’s dedicated Cloud Access and On-Demand offerings, customers can securely and reliably provision new connectivity services on a low latency, high-performance network in a matter of hours compared to weeks and months. The On-Demand offering scales the bandwidth as per the application or workload consumption patterns thereby resulting in substantial cost savings.


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“We know there’s a direct correlation between the success of enterprise cloud projects and reliable connectivity. Moving to the cloud is more mission-critical than ever, and Enterprises need a robust cloud connectivity strategy to evolve. That’s why we are delighted to partner with Sify. Together, we can unlock and amplify our joint value to power Enterprises’ migrations to Oracle Cloud,” Mark Hollman, VP Partner Development & Success, Colt said.

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