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SenseTime is a prominent software company thriving to make sense of artificial intelligence (AI) in innovative ways. Its mission is to utilize innovation to create a better AI-empowered future with extensive AI research. Its vision has a distinct quality in the sense that seeks to advance the interconnection between the physical and the digital worlds with AI, driving sustainable productivity growth with seamless interconnectivity. The distinction lies in its dual emphasis on the physical and the virtual of AI applications. It is different from the obsessive tendency, found in many instances, to privilege the digital at the cost of the physical.

In more concrete terms, SenseTime is committed to advancing the state of the art AI research, developing scalable and affordable AI software platforms that are expected to benefit businesses, people, and society. It also aims at attracting and nurturing top talents for the purpose of shaping the future collectively. SenseTime is not just another company going with the tide of contemporary realization of the importance of AI research and AI applications. Having firm roots in the academic world it has greater depth in cutting-edge intensive AI research which will effectively serve the demands of the industry. Thus it indulges in bridge-building exercises between academia and industry in tune with the times. For this purpose it promotes full-stack AI capabilities, covering key fields across perception intelligence, decision intelligence, AI-enabled content generation and AI-enabled content enhancement, and key capabilities in AI chips, sensors, and computing infrastructure. Scalability and adaptability ensure a wider range of AI applications receive special attention from the company.

With global headquarters established in Hong Kong in 2014 SenseTime, a Chinese company has gradually spread its wings to have offices in Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and South Korea among other places and it has its presence in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Its customers and partners include prominent names in the industry, such as Smart Business, Smart City, Smart Life, and Smart Auto. In the ImageNet 2015, the company was top-ranked in the categories of detection quantity and detection accuracy. Next year in the ImageNet 2016 it won three world championships in object detection, video object detection, and scene analysis. SenseTime made a very prudent and pragmatic move to unveil AI industrial engine to drive the intelligent transformation of these sectors is not keeping the traditional industry sectors out of sight.

SenseTime is rightly sensing the times now in lending new horizons to AI research and applications.

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