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Go’s popularity is not yet at par with the likes of Python and Java, but it’s getting there. Also referred to as Golang, the programming language has received much fanfare in recent years, with it soaring to 5th place in StackOverflow’s developer survey in 2020. Its increasing ubiquity alone makes it worth learning, and per experts, it’s bound to be commonplace in the future thanks to its versatility.

Golang is considered the Swiss Army Knife of programming languages, thanks to its capacity to create pretty much anything. It can create web apps, static sites, machine learning solutions, and so much more. It may be worth adding it to your skillset, and with the Complete Google Go Programming Language for Beginners Course, you can learn all the fundamentals. It’s on sale for over 90 percent off for a limited time.

Through 45 lectures and four hours of expert-led content, this course will get you up to speed with what makes Google’s Go tick. Created for beginner programmers who want to expand their coding repertoire, it covers the basics of the language, the advanced features, and the many ways it can be applied in real-world scenarios. It also touches on concurrent programming, which allows you to design programs that can run more than one task simultaneously.

The course is put together by Integrity Training, an e-learning platform that delivers on-demand training for employees from the corporate, government, and education sectors. Simply speaking: you know you’ll be in good hands. Plus, you can access the lessons at your own pace, at your own time, using any device, whether it’s your computer or smartphone.

Normally retailing for $200, you can grab the Complete Google Go Programming Language for Beginners Course for only $13.99. That’s a 93 percent discount from the usual cost of $200.


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The Complete Google Go Programming Language for Beginners Course – $13.99

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