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RSG Media Systems announces they will present RSG Audience 2.0, their SaaS, machine learning driven analytics and optimization platform, at IBC 2022 in Amsterdam.

NEW YORK, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — As legacy broadcast & cable companies struggle to maintain profits in an increasingly fragmented media marketplace, RSG Audience uses machine learning to help them grow audiences, and more effectively monetize them, with radical insights into viewer behavior.

RSG Media Systems revealed today that they will present RSG Audience 2.0 at IBC 2022 in Amsterdam. RSG Audience, their SaaS, machine learning driven analytics and optimization platform, helps companies by accomplishing three critical goals.

1. It correctly predicts how viewers will behave. It can discern, with an unusually high degree of accuracy, what programs will attract what demos, whether audiences will tune in, and whether they will continue watching.

It also can predict what content is most likely to pick up viewers from competing networks. It also helps programmers evaluate the effectiveness of originals vs. acquired content, premieres, and options for counterprogramming against major events.

2. It helps organically grow and retain audience. Its machine learning based prescriptive analytics guides media companies to acquire the right content at the right price, and program it to maximize its audience in target groups.

Its Schedule Optimization function, part of the unified platform, lets users run through unlimited what-if scenarios or, with a single click, automatically run through millions of scenarios to find the best paths.

Its Promo Planning and Scheduling functions, also part of the platform, lets users efficiently attract viewers, using ML and yield optimization to achieve the highest conversion, by placing promos where they will be most effective, across every available network or platform.

3. It Efficiently Monetizes Audiences. RSG Audience’s integrated Advertising Optimization functionality guides Advertising Operations teams to efficiently plan ads to meet client needs at the best CPMs. It then uses ML-based forecasts to place spots on the log so that the network delivers its audience without under- or over-delivering, all whilst honoring 50+ client constraints.

“Our system is automatic and dynamic and more accurate than any other system out there,” noted Shiv Sehgal, EVP of Audience/Analytics at RSG Media. “It replaces what used to be a year-long forecasting effort. And its forecasting capability is available throughout the whole enterprise. Not only is it data-efficient, it makes the whole organization data proficient. We’ve also seen how our one platform not only increases profits, it actually reduces cost because our customers can decommission multiple redundant systems that were older, more expensive, and more difficult to use. It also replaces these incredibly expensive reports that consultant companies were selling. Now you don’t need an army of PhDs to get you your data insights.”

“It’s as if someone flipped a light switch,” added Theodore Garcia, EVP Client Success at RSG Media. “The moment before, the company was struggling to meet increasing competition. Suddenly, everyone in the company can see that they are standing in the middle of some huge treasure vault.”

RSG Media designed RSG Audience, a cloud native SaaS offering, to fuse 50+ data sets. The European Edition works with select UK and European datasets, including BARB data.

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About RSG
RSG Media believes in using both art and science to deliver radical insights and deeper connections to drive the evolution of the media ecosystem. It drives clients’ revenue and profits through rights, audiences, and advertising across platforms using deep analytics, AI, enterprise systems, and expert advisory services. Its customers include TV Networks, MVPDs, Studios, VOD & OTT Services, and Brand Licensors.

  • RSG Rights: Enterprise rights management, strategically tailored to how each business group needs it.

  • RSG Audience: Radical AI-driven insights to predict and grow audiences. The AI-driven platform brings together 50+ data sources to deliver the audience insights needed to grow a fan base.

RSG Media was founded in 1985 and is based in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, London, and Delhi/Gurgaon. For more information, visit

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