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Cielo has published research into the way businesses are navigating the challenge of remote working across EMEA and APAC. By investigating regional and cross-sector differences in remote working trends and adoption, the Benefits of Remote Working on Talent Acquisition report provides insight into how businesses can establish a revitalised relationship with employees. The report has found:

– Job ads advertised as remote on LinkedIn have increased since Feb 2022 in EMEA and the European Economic Area (EEA). However, they have decreased in North and Latin America, and APAC.
– Countries that have introduced new legislation around working remotely include Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Taiwan.

The report also identifies the new challenges associated with the accommodation of remote working, including: translating skills-based workforce planning into the hiring plan, training remote workers effectively, and the changing dynamics of retention.

“The sudden and dramatic expansion of remote working, which lockdowns necessitated for many, was a phenomenon that no-one was anticipating,” notes Sally Hunter, managing director EMEA and Global Accounts at Cielo says. “The long-term impact of its occurrence remains unknown and although the legal restrictions have lifted, employee’s preferences on how they work have changed forever. This is still causing some friction with business leaders. So, businesses need to consider the right course of action regarding remote working if they are to succeed and establish positive relationships with employees.”

Hunter added: “What we are seeing in the market is that the highest performing businesses are those that are adapting positively to trends such as remote working, rather than reacting negatively. The talent sourcing landscape is being shaken up by companies leveraging this new trend – 44 per cent of businesses are hoping to use hybrid or remote working models to attract and retain talent and 25 per cent are doing so to gain access to a wider pool of talent2. Regardless, businesses must act with caution, especially concerning the damage that a lack of flexibility may have on their employer brand.”

Cielo’s full research report into Benefits of Remote Working on Talent Acquisition can be found here:

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