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HONOLULU, Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LongevIQ™ brings groundbreaking longevity and wellness research mainstream, by enabling clinicians, researchers, writers, and journalists across all domains to collaborate and share their expertise with the general public.

LongevIQ today announced the launch of its longevity and anti-aging evidence-based community that brings to light new insights with the potential to completely redefine the current understanding of what healthy aging means.

After years of collaboration with some of the world’s leading experts in longevity, anti-aging, integrative, and functional medicine, the company believes the insights gained through these partnerships can bring longevity and wellness to a new level that has never been seen before. With evidence of potential benefits to slow or even reverse cellular aging and optimize all levels of health and wellness, the company has an open call to clinicians, researchers, health & wellness influencers, writers, and journalists to share their expertise and help educate the public about these life-changing discoveries. 

“We are bringing to awareness new aspects of aging and wellness that were shown to affect not only the way we age but also the kind of life we can all have,” said Amir Ginsberg, the founder of LongevIQ. “Human beings are complex and can’t be reduced to just one or two aspects. The real secret to longevity must consider multiple crucial elements that despite being extensively studied, were only known in limited circles. Our mission is to bring this powerful evidence-based knowledge mainstream, so that anyone, anywhere can benefit from this collective intelligence. That’s literally what LongevIQ means – the collective wisdom or IQ for longevity.”

About LongevIQ

Since its early launch in Q2 2022, the company has already published initial insights on its website and public databases. The data is expected to triple by Q1 2023, including releasing collaboratively created longevity protocols and anti-aging products.

In addition to educating the general public, the company’s flexible platform enables health professionals, researchers, and writers to run on-demand queries and gain access to research-based insights they can use to support their work.

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“We are connecting remarkable people with exceptional talent and expertise involving all of the pillars of health and wellness, across many domains,” said Dr. Patti Shelton, MD, LongevIQ’s medical communications officer. “Through our focus on objectiveness, diversity, transparency, and communication, we see new life-changing insights every day. Together, we are helping people everywhere benefit from cutting-edge science along with the wisdom of a huge, well-educated community. This collaborative work brings us much closer towards a unified holistic view of aging and wellness. We are formulating today what may become tomorrow’s common knowledge of how to live a long, healthy, and happy life.”

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