Primark releases £15 ‘anti aging’ LED light face mask and shoppers are ‘intrigued’ – Glasgow Live

Primark has released a new beauty product that it claims can “reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles” and “remove acne-causing bacteria”.

The retail giant now sells LED Light Therapy Masks in stores for the price of £15.

The futuristic-looking mask has three different light sources — red, blue, and yellow — that each have a different intended effect.

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According to Primark, the red light has “anti-aging” effects, while the blue “helps to remove acne-causing bacteria” and the yellow “helps to improve rough skin”.

The budget chain took to Facebook and Instagram to share news of its unique new product.

It wrote: “Calling all skincare lovers. The LED Light Therapy Masks are in stores now! Only £15!

“LED technology works to target different skin concerns with 3 types of light sources:

“Use for anti-aging benefits by helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

“Helps to remove acne-causing bacteria & reduce skin inflammation.

“Helps to improve rough skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles & skin redness.”

It wasn’t long before consumers were leaving comments sharing their thoughts.

One satisfied customer wrote: “I’ve tried it yesterday (blue and red light) and I really liked it. Need to test it out more, but so far I enjoyed using it together with the suction tool and face steamer.”

A second said: “Ooh! Affordable too!”

A third revealed: “Oh my lord ! I’m RUNNING to Primark”

“These look sickkk,” said a fourth.

Primark LED mask
The mask changes to one of three colours
(Image: Primark)

“Apparently they are great for the skin, I get a lot of acne at the moment so I’m hoping to see if it helps,” a fifth shared.

A sixth argued: “Deffo worth a try”

“I’m intrigued,” a seventh commented.

Another stated: “I want one of these!”

Not everyone was convinced by the item, however, with one commenting: “The most ridiculous thing I’ve seen”.

A second agreed: “Wouldn’t waste your money!”

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