Prediction for mining – Ericsson

What are the main benefits of developing the project within Ericsson ONE?

Ericsson ONE really helped us leverage internal resources. The mining industry is important for Ericsson as a potential new business area, so we were able to tap into the internal experts who already work in this field. In addition, Ericsson already has partners in the industry, which helped when we wanted to find people willing to help us connect with these existing partners.

We also received operational and financial support to get this project going, which is usually very hard for startups. Ericsson ONE provided us with a great coach who is an expert in the startup space.

As the core team was quite tech orientated, our coach really helped us develop the business aspect and grow also as entrepreneurs. The project has moved quickly under Ericsson ONE guidance (which is part of their acceleration model) – there’s a group of fantastic people helping us to move forward.


What’s the current status of the project and what are the next steps?

We’re currently carrying out  trials with a Chinese Fortune 500 company. We also have an agreement with an important mining group in China and their supplier – one of the biggest in the world – to carry out a joint evaluation and testing for further scaling and commercial implementation. Finally, we’ll be carrying out trials in Q2 of 2022 with a leading Northern European mining company which has already stated that we are a perfect fit for their needs.

We want to make sure this product is globally available for mining operators and system integrators. We want to be able to give customers a solution that reduces their costs, increases energy efficiency and most importantly, ends fatal incidents which still happen in mines today.

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