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OVHcloud is looking to expand into object storage, one of the most attractive features offered by AWS and its rivals. 

The offering will be called High Performance Object Storage, a pretty self-descriptive name, and OVHcloud says it can scale all the way up to one petabyte. Pricing is pretty simple: €25 per terabyte per month and €0.01 per outbound gigabyte. API requests are free. 

OVHcloud, the largest data centre company in Europe, says the storage solution is specifically aimed at companies wanting to make use of big data sets, such as for AI research. 

Race for the cloud

One of the main things OVHcloud has going for it is its Europeanness: the bloc is looking increasingly hostile to American companies, especially in terms of for-profit data transfers between Europe and America. 

Meta recently warned investors that a forthcoming decision by the EU could jeopardise its business on the continent and it stands to reason that AWS would fall victim to the same rules. 

Cloud computing is underpinned by vast data centres across the world, which work 24/7 to host everything from Netflix to Dropbox. If you use the modern web, you’re interacting with a data centre. 

As mentioned, OVHcloud is Europe’s largest data centre operator and the third largest in the world based on physical servers. 

While AWS and Azure dominate cloud offerings, there is enough space in the industry for many different companies and incoming EU regulatory headwinds might play very well for OVHcloud.

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