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Thiruvananthapuram: The Norka Roots is finalizing the procedures for recruiting people in nursing professions to Germany through the Triple Win programme.
More than five hundred nurses from India are expected to get the opportunity this year. Interviews of around 400 applicants shortlisted from about 13,000 candidates are being carried out by eight officials from the Federal Employment Agency and the German Agency for International Cooperation in Thiruvananthapuram.
The interview, which started on May 4, will conclude by the 13th.
Norka Roots vice-chairman P Sreeramakrishnan here on Friday said that the procedures of recruitments signed with the German Federal Employment Agency have come to its final stage. Besides providing job opportunities this year, they are also looking for more possible openings in the future.
He also added that the Triple Win is the first government recruitment contract which would help restrain private recruitment agencies and curb cheating complaints.
The selected applicants will be sent to Germany after providing free training up to B1 level in German language.
The training will be also given after they reach the country to adapt to the environment and to obtain German registration. A walk-in interview has been organized for the recruitment of nurses who speak German and those who have obtained the certificates of B1 and B2 will also be considered.

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