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increase in network performance between data centers in Brazil, Portugal and

Equinix, Inc. the world’s digital infrastructure company
and EllaLink announced the
first-ever high-capacity subsea cable system
between Europe and Latin America is in full
operation. Delivered by EllaLink to Equinix’s International Business
Exchange™ (IBX) data centers—SP4 in São Paulo, LS1 in Lisbon and MD2
in Madrid—the new system provides a 50% increase in network performance between
data centers in Brazil, Portugal and Spain when
compared to routes that had to previously transit through North America.
Reducing latency is a critical factor for content providers, cloud companies
and financial firms, where a delay of a few milliseconds can impact the
profitability of trading operations.

EllaLink selects Equinix IBX data
centers to extend its connectivity solutions in São Paulo, Lisbon and Madrid

EllaLink selected Equinix due to
the company’s expertise in providing state-of-the-art subsea infrastructure and
its access to dense, rich ecosystems of networks, clouds, financial and IT
service providers. Equinix serves as an interconnection partner in more than 40
of the current subsea cable projects.

Subsea cables are key to the
internet and global connectivity, as 99% of intercontinental traffic crosses a
subsea cable with less than one percent of the remaining traffic carried
through satellite systems.1 The
global subsea cable market is expected to be valued at $22 billion by
2025, more than doubling from 2019. A significant portion of this growth is in
cables connecting Latin America to the rest of the world.2

Highlights / Key Facts:

  • Spain and Portugal are
    important gateways to Brazil and the rest of South
    America for many European markets. As the capital
    of Portugal, Lisbon is at the center of industry, government and
    commerce. It represents an important international connectivity hub, with
    subsea cables connecting the Iberian Peninsula
    from Lisbon to Africa and South
    America. Spain is also an essential hub on the global connectivity
    map due to its physical location between Africa, Mediterranean Europe
    and Northern Europe, and its strong cultural connection to Latin
    America. 5G deployments, the ongoing tech boom and growth in the use of data,
    telecom subscriptions and internet connections between the two continents are
    increasing bandwidth capacity requirements.
  • The subsea cable momentum on Platform Equinix® has accelerated worldwide
    as digital transformation has increased globally. Equinix’s footprint of more
    than 230 IBX data centers in 65 global markets across 27 countries provides the
    metro edge points of presence (PoPs) required to deliver low-latency interconnection
    for transporting increasing volumes of internet traffic. At Equinix, subsea
    cable owners/operators can deploy cable landing stations that open gateways
    between continents and interconnect businesses around the world.
  • According
    to the fifth annual Equinix Global
    Interconnection Index (GXI Vol. 5), overall interconnection
    bandwidth, the measure of private connectivity for the transfer of data between
    organizations, is forecast to reach 21,485+ terabits per second (Tbps), or 85
    zettabytes, per year by 2024, representing a five-year compound annual growth
    rate (CAGR) of 44%. This growth is aligned with the increased demand for the digital
    infrastructure needed to bring more businesses online, facilitate electronic
    integration with partners and supply chains, and reach more people in
    distributed hybrid work environments.


Diego Matas, Chief Operating Officer, EllaLink
one-hop connections between Latin America and Europe with a
60ms latency is a game changer from a transatlantic latency perspective. During
these last months, EllaLink continued working directly with Equinix in order to
secure carrier-neutral connections from our PoP locations in Equinix’s data
centers and we are now enabling our customers to directly access the rich
ecosystems of networks, clouds, and financial and IT service providers that
Equinix hosts.”

Michael Ourabah, Chief Executive Officer, BSO
delivers low-latency, high- performance, highly available, private cloud
infrastructure to customers in the capital markets sector. Our work to connect
those in emerging markets with other trading networks around the globe has
garnered significant results for the regions, even at this early stage. Working
with Equinix and EllaLink, we feel we are well-placed to ensure that firms who
want to access the Brazilian market have everything they need.”

Jim Poole, Vice President, Business Development, Equinix
data is being produced and processed today than ever before
and almost every byte of data
that moves over the internet touches a subsea cable. As a result, organizations
require access to high-capacity, low-latency networks capable of connecting
them to data centers across oceans with the highest levels of
reliability. This is where Equinix plays a critical role and offers a huge
advantage to customers. Any user of a subsea cable network that lands inside
one of our global data center termination points has instant, low-latency
access to a host of industry ecosystems inside Equinix.”

Source: Equinix media announcement

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