New Research on Bakuchiol and Retinol – Truth In Aging

A couple of years ago, I predicted in my Ingredient Spotlight on Bakuchiol that we would be seeing a lot more of this botanically-derived alternative to retinol. I was right – it has become positively ubiquitous. I also noted that some new research was on the horizon that would compare bakuchiol’s anti-aging prowess with retinol. Those results, from the University of California have since become available, along with some new research just out of Germany.

The University of California study split participants into two groups, one used retinol nightly and the other applied bakuchiol twice a day. Both saw some (but not spectaular) reduction in wrinkles – a 19% reduction for the bakuchiol users and just over 23% for retinol. Both actives performed much more impressively against hyperpigmentation with bakuchiol enjoying a decent lead with 59%, against retinol’s 44%. (source)

The German study, published only a few days ago, sized up bakuchiol as an antiaging, antioxidative active, against what the researchers refer to as “industry gold standard” retinol. They found that In contrast to retinol, bakuchiol demonstrated high antioxidative efficacy. And bakuchiol alone was able to significantly increase FGF7 protein levels (they are the all important fibroblast proteins). Meanwhile wounds supplemented with bakuchiol but not retinol displayed a significant increase in epidermis regeneration. (source)

It should be noted the team behind the German study work for Beirsdorf, the parent company of Nivea and La Prarie.

This is all exciting validation for bakuchiol as it an attractive alternative to retinol for those of us that find that active too drying and irritating.

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