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Neurohacker Collective is a supplement company that offers a lineup of supplements under the Qualia brand.

By taking Qualia supplements daily, you can support cognition, mental performance, aging, sleep, and even vision, among other benefits. Neurohacker Collective is best-known for Qualia Mind, a nootropic supplement.

Is Neurohacker Collective the right supplement company for you? How do Qualia supplements work? Find out everything you need to know about Neurohacker Collective and its lineup today.

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What is Neurohacker Collective?

Neurohacker Collective is a supplement company specializing in nootropic supplements. The company offers several products under the brand name Qualia.

There are Qualia supplements for anti-aging, sleep, cognitive performance, and vision, among other benefits. Some of the supplements claim to boost mental energy, while others help your brain respond to stress.

Neurohacker Collective is based in Carlsbad, California. The company was founded in 2015.

In addition to selling nootropic supplements, Neurohacker Collective operates a podcast called Collective Insights. That podcast shares life hacks, tips, tricks, and strategies for optimizing physical and mental performance.

Neurohacker Collective is also unique among nootropic supplement companies because they employ genuine doctors on their teams. The company has a medical advisory board with medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, and PhDs, among other professionals. This team formulates each Qualia supplement to maximize cognitive performance and provide other targeted benefits.

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Neurohacker Collective Products

Neurohacker Collective currently offers seven supplements, all of which are under the Qualia brand. Supplements target different aspects of health and wellness. You can buy each supplement separately. Or, you can buy them as part of a bundle.

The seven Neurohacker Collective supplements include:

Qualia Mind

Neurohacker Collective is best known for Qualia Mind, its flagship nootropic supplement. The supplement claims to target cognition in various ways. It’s a premium nootropic for mental performance. It also has one of the largest serving sizes in the nootropic space: you take seven capsules per serving to support cognition. Neurohacker Collective is serious about giving you a strong enough dosage of active ingredients to support cognition in various ways.

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Each serving of Neurohacker Collective contains vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, caffeine, and nutrients to support cognition in multiple ways. There are strong doses of vitamin C, vitamin D3, niacin, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12, for example, to give your brain and body the vitamins it needs for wellness, energy, and overall cognition. The supplement also contains significant doses of artichoke leaf extract, L-theanine, Bacopa monnieri leaf extract, Rhodiola Rosea root extract, and more.

The ingredients in Neurohacker Collective Qualia Mind support cognition in various ways. Some of the ingredients enhance brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is crucial for cognition. Other ingredients support neuron and synaptic function, support prefrontal cortex activity, support neurotransmitter signaling, and enhance stress resilience, among other effects.

Overall, Neurohacker Collective markets Qualia Mind is a premium nootropic for mental performance, claiming it can provide the following benefits:

  • Support neuron synaptic formation
  • Support acetylcholine signaling
  • Support brain mitochondrial function
  • Support long-term and short-term brain health
  • Enhance memory and cognition
  • Fuel focus and concentration

Neurohacker Collective also claims the formula can promote mental clarity, amplify drive and productivity, and provide other benefits. Plus, the formula is backed by thousands of hours of research and it’s specifically recommended by several of the medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, and PhDs on the Neurohacker Collective team.

  • 1 Bottle (Single Order): $139 per bottle (154 capsules / 22 servings per bottle)
  • 1 Bottle (Autoship Monthly Subscription): $59 for your first month, then $119 per month thereafter

Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

Some people want all of the benefits of Qualia Mind without caffeine. To address those needs, Neurohacker Collective launched a caffeine-free version of their popular Qualia Mind formula. With Qualia Mind Caffeine Free, you get all of the same ingredients as Qualia Mind but without the caffeine.

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Some people have adverse reactions to caffeine. Others don’t want to give their bodies stimulants. Whatever the reason may be, Qualia Mind Caffeine Free contains similar ingredients to the original Qualia Mind formula – but without the caffeine.

By taking Qualia Mind Caffeine Free daily, you can purportedly upgrade energy, amplify willpower, beat brain fog, heighten creativity, fuel focus, and concentration, and promote mental clarity, among other benefits.

  • 1 Bottle (Single Order): $139 per bottle (154 capsules / 22 servings per bottle)
  • 1 Bottle (Autoship Monthly Subscription): $59 for your first month, then $119 per month thereafter

Qualia Mind Essentials

Neurohacker Collective has also launched a lightweight version of Qualia Mind called Qualia Mind Essentials. It’s priced at a cheaper rate and contains fewer ingredients than Qualia Mind, yet it can still deliver noticeable cognitive benefits.

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If you want to test the effects of Qualia Mind without buying an entire bottle, then Qualia Mind Essentials might be the right choice. You take five capsules of Qualia Mind Essentials per day to deliver similar benefits to Qualia Mind. Neurohacker Collective claims Qualia Mind Essentials can:

  • Beat brain fog
  • Amplify willpower
  • Upgrade energy and creativity
  • Fuel focus and concentration
  • Promote mental clarity

Each serving of Qualia Mind Essentials includes vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and other ingredients similar to the core Qualia Mind formula. You get strong doses of multiple B vitamins, 300mg each of artichoke leaf extract, Bacopa monnieri, alpha GPC, and DL-phenylalanine, and strong doses of amino acids, coffee bean extract, and more.

  • 1 Bottle (Single Order): $69 per bottle (100 capsules / 20 servings per bottle)
  • 1 Bottle (Autoship Monthly Subscription): $29 for your first month, then $59 per month thereafter

Qualia Life

Qualia Life is an anti-aging supplement that claims to support aging at the cellular level. Unlike other Neurohacker Collective supplements, Qualia Life doesn’t specifically claim to target cognition or brainpower; instead, it targets the effects of aging across your entire body.

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You take eight capsules of Qualia Life per day to support anti-aging benefits. The formula uses ingredients like vitamin B12 (8,330% DV) and thiamin (2,085%) to give your body the vitamins it needs, along with herbal and plant extracts like tri-creatine malate, glycine, cocoa seed extract, cinnamon bark extract, amino acids, and more.

According to Neurohacker Collective, Qualia Life can provide all of the following benefits:

  • Amplify productivity
  • Promote restful sleep
  • Upgrade energy levels
  • Support mitochondrial fitness and cellular energy
  • Promote NAD+ and ATP
  • Support stress response

Neurohacker Collective primarily advertises the supplement as a way to beat aging and beat stress. It helps your body defend itself against the effects of stress and aging.

  • 1 Bottle (Single Order): $159 per bottle (160 capsules / 20 servings per bottle)
  • 1 Bottle (Autoship Monthly Subscription): $59 for your first month, then $139 per month thereafter

Qualia Immune

Qualia Immune is an immune support supplement that supports health, vitality, and resilience throughout your body. Immune function is crucial for overall health. People who have poor immunity are at a higher risk of disease.

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Qualia Immune claims to support immunity in multiple ways, including:

  • Support key immune cells and promote antibody response
  • Enhance the aging immune system
  • Support digestive and respiratory tract health
  • Balance overactive immune cells and upgrade immune intelligence
  • Support healthy histamine and mast cell response

Overall, the ingredients in Qualia Immune claim to support immune function by interacting with your immune system at a cellular level. The ingredients promote immune cell self-renewal with six compounds. The formula also contains adaptogens that help your body respond to physical and mental stress.

You take four capsules of Qualia Immune daily to support your immune function. Each serving of Qualia Immune includes mushroom extract, spirulina, echinacea, ginseng root, cranberry fruit, and other ingredients linked to immunity.

  • 1 Bottle (Single Order): $99 per bottle (80 capsules / 20 servings per bottle)
  • 1 Bottle (Autoship Monthly Subscription): $39 for your first month, then $89 per month thereafter

Qualia Nootropic Energy

Qualia Nootropic Energy is an all-in-one energy shot that claims to support cognition with similar ingredients to Qualia Mind. Like Qualia Mind, Qualia Nootropic Energy contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and herbal extracts linked to energy production. Each serving of Qualia Nootropic Energy contains 2 fl oz of liquid formula with amino acids, alpha GPC, wild blueberry fruit extract, whole coffee fruit extract, and other unique ingredients.

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Here are some of the benefits of Qualia Nootropic Energy, according to the official website:

  1. Use 12 nutrients to enhance energy and brain health
  2. Take daily to support energy, or take right before needing peak mental performance
  3. All-in-one energy shot that contains caffeine and other ingredients to stimulate cognition
  4. Formulated by science to target brain functions, neurochemical systems, and physiological processes
  5. Contains fruit extracts, herbal extracts, amino acids, vitamins, and nootropic compounds

Overall, Qualia Nootropic Energy is designed as a convenient, on-the-go nootropic. It works differently from Qualia Mind but targets similar benefits, helping you perform at your peak throughout the day.

  • 1 Bottle (Single Order): $119 per bottle (20 x 2 oz bottles / 1 serving per bottle)
  • 1 Bottle (Autoship Monthly Subscription): $49 for your first month, then $99 per month thereafter

Qualia Night

Qualia Night is a sleep aid supplement that claims to optimize sleep by helping you relax, recharge, and restore your body overnight.

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Many people struggle to get a good night’s sleep as they get older. Poor sleep contributes to weight gain, stress, immune function, and disease risk. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, then you could be slowly chipping away at your body’s health every day.

Qualia Night claims to provide all of the following benefits:

  • Supports deep, regenerative sleep
  • Amplifies next day energy and performance
  • Enhances mental clarity and brain health
  • Supports healthy immune function

To achieve these benefits, Qualia Night contains ingredients that support natural melatonin production, promote GABA, support antioxidant defenses, provide adaptogenic support, balance cortisol levels, enhance BDNF, and even support gut microbiome health, among other methods of action.

Qualia Night contains ingredients like reishi mushroom extract, holy basil, hawthorn leaf extract, Gotu kola, ashwagandha extract, and wild blueberry fruit extract, among other ingredients.

  • 1 Bottle (Single Order): $79 per bottle (80 capsules / 20 servings per bottle)
  • 1 Bottle (Autoship Monthly Subscription): $29 for your first month, then $69 per month thereafter

Qualia Vision

In 2021, Neurohacker Collective announced the launch of a supplement called Qualia Vision. The supplement will launch later this year.

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Like other vision health supplements sold online today, Qualia Vision claims to support eye health in various ways. Neurohacker Collective also claims Qualia Vision will support strained eyes, protect eyes from blue light, and support healthy vision, among other benefits.

Neurohacker Collective has not yet announced pricing, ingredients, or other information for Qualia Mind.

Neurohacker Collective Bundles

Neurohacker Collective also offers several bundles. You can buy multiple supplements at once to stack their effects and save.

The three bundles currently available through Neurohacker Collective include:

Qualia Performance Bundle

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This Qualia Performance Bundle includes one bottle each of Qualia Life, Qualia Mind, and Qualia Night. The supplements support aging, cognition, and sleep. You can take all three days to support cognitive health and overall wellness in various ways.

  • 1 Package (Single Order): $369
  • 1 Package (Autoship Monthly Subscription): $169 for your first month, then $289 per month thereafter

Ultimate Qualia Bundle

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The Ultimate Qualia Bundle is a package of nootropic supplements advertised as the ultimate whole body upgrade. Each package includes one bottle each of Qualia Life, Qualia Mind, and Qualia Immune. You can optimize your body’s defense against aging, support cognition, and support immunity.

  • 1 Package (Single Order): $389
  • 1 Package (Autoship Monthly Subscription): $189 for your first month, then $299 per month thereafter

Qualia Discovery Bundle

The Qualia Discovery Bundle is an all-in-one package marketed to athletes and high-performers who need additional energy and regeneration. The package contains supplements that support your immune system, your brain, and your sleep, giving you enhanced performance year-round. Plus, with on-the-go energy boosts through the Qualia Nootropic Energy shots, you can keep cognition at high levels all day long.

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  • 1 Package (Single Order): $199
  • 1 Package (Autoship Monthly Subscription): $99 for your first month, then $169 per month thereafter

Scientific Evidence for Neurohacker Collective Supplements: Do They Really Work?

Most nootropic supplements aren’t backed by scientific evidence or clinical trials. Most nootropic supplement companies simply throw a bunch of ingredients together and assume the effects stack. Neurohacker Collective is different, however. The company has conducted genuine scientific trials on its supplements to verify they work as advertised.

Neurohacker Collective partnered with Cambridge Brain Sciences to launch a pilot studio on their flagship supplement, Qualia Mind.

In 2018, researchers at Cambridge Brain Sciences gathered a group of participants, then asked participants to complete 12 cognitive assessments. After completing the assessments, participants took Qualia Mind and were asked to repeat the assessments.

Participants ran the tests three times: once before taking Qualia Mind, another the same day they took Qualia Mind for the first time, and a third time five days later.

After all of these tests, researchers found Qualia Mind was linked with genuine cognitive benefits according to test scores. Researchers observed the following benefits:

  • Participants had an 85.4% increase in scores measuring ability to concentrate and avoid distraction
  • Participants improved 37.2% in tests involving planning skills
  • Participants experienced a 31.1% increase in scores involving visual representation
  • Participants had a 16.9% increase in verbal reasoning scores
  • Participants boosted verbal short term memory by 13.3%

The 12 cognitive tests covered multiple areas of cognition, including reasoning, verbal ability, and focus. The study involved 23 participants.

Although the test was small, it’s more testing than most nootropic supplements receive. Based on this basic test, it’s possible that Neurohacker Collective supplements work as advertised to provide their targeted benefits.

It’s also important to note that Neurohacker Collective has an advisory board with medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, and PhDs, all of whom conduct formal research to contribute to each Neurohacker Collective formula. Again, this is more professional support than we see with most nootropic supplements.

Many of the ingredients in Neurohacker Collective supplements are also ingredients used in similar supplements. These ingredients have been repeatedly proven to work at the doses listed to support their advertised benefits.

Neurohacker Collective Refund Policy

Neurohacker Collective offers a 100% refund on all purchases within 100 days of your original purchase date.

If you’re unhappy with Qualia Mind or other Neurohacker Collective supplements for any reason, then you can request a complete refund.

Plus, you don’t need to return anything to Neurohacker to qualify for a refund (assuming you only purchased one bottle). Just contact the company to initiate the refund process.

About Neurohacker Collective

Neurohacker Collective is a supplement company launched in 2015. The company originally specialized in nootropic supplements like Qualia Mind. Today, they make a range of formulas targeting sleep, immunity, and more.

Neurohacker Collective is based in Carlsbad, California. The company is led by Jordan Greenhall (Executive Chair and Co-Founder), James Schmachtenberger (CEO and Co-Founder), Daniel Schmachtenberger (Director of R&D and Co-Founder), and Hakan Lindskog (COO). The advisory board consists of medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, and PhDs who use formal research to inform the supplement development process. There are nine members of the scientific and medical advisory board.

You can contact Neurohacker Collective via the following:

  • Phone: (855) 281-2328
  • Mailing Address: 5938 Priestly Dr #200 Carlsbad, CA 92008

Neurohacker Collective Final Word

Neurohacker Collective is a supplement company offering a range of formulas targeting different health and wellness goals. By taking Neurohacker Collective supplements daily, you can purportedly support cognition, sleep, focus, memory, aging, and more.

Based in California, Neurohacker Collective is one of the most research-backed nootropic supplement companies available online today. The company also backs up its claims with a generous refund policy.

To learn more about Neurohacker Collective and the company’s lineup of supplements, visit the company online.

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