Natura Launches Anti-Aging Chronos Aqua-Plumping Bio-Hydrating Serum –


Made for all skin types, the Chronos Aqua Plumping Bio-Hydrating Serum is a lightweight serum that is fast-absorbing and easy to spread and stimulates self-filling and hydration, reducing the appearance of soft to deep lines and wrinkles, said the company


Formulated with fevillea prebiotic and 1.5% triple hyaluronic acid, the serum fills and hydrates the skin’s external and internal layers with immediate benefits including reducing the appearance of soft to deep lines and wrinkles. 


After one week, the serum increases skin filling and hydration across middle skin layers, preventing wrinkles from dry skin and after 30 days, increases hyaluronic acid by 75% in the skin, filling fine lines and wrinkles to maintain a balanced skin microbiome.



From the Brazilian biodiversity extracted from the seeds of the plant Fevillea trilobata, this oil rich in punicic acid—also known as Nhandiroba—stimulates the natural mechanisms of hyaluronic acid production by increasing water levels in deeper layers of the skin.


Hyaluronic acid is a natural biopolymer produced by skin that acts to maintain skin’s optimal hydration level. Due to its remarkable ability to retain water, it’s able to absorb and increase its volume, thus filling fine lines related to dry skin. 


Trealose (prebiotic) acts in the maintenance and balance of skin microorganisms helping to strengthen the skin barrier.


Chronos Aqua-Plumping Bio-Hydrating Serum is available at For more on this leading Happi Top 30 company, look out for the July edition of Happi.


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