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It’s important to note that recruitment is changing, particularly with the demand for advanced technical skilled individuals. Companies and businesses are willing and particularly allocating befitting resources in recruiting and hiring highly competent individuals in a particular area or discipline. Spotting and nurturing talent within an organization are key factors that the human resources department is currently involved in as a measure of transforming workplaces. Most businesses are allocating resources that allow employees to spend considerable time developing and training on specific technical skills that give them an upper hand in the ever-competitive tech industry. It’s essential to note that the tech space is one of the fast-changing spaces, and for an organization to remain relevant in this area, it must maintain a high demand for new and emerging technologies.

With the rise of technology and the wealth of opportunities that come with it, there is no doubt that we will continue to see a rise in IT and tech jobs. Currently, a few tech skills are in high demand, and below are some of these technologies.

1. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Currently, it is expected that you might have come across the terms artificial intelligence and machine learning across this tech space. Almost every innovation or innovator talks about how these two technologies are changing our way of doing business and interactions. Artificial Intelligence or AI as it is popularly known, is a fundamental technology combined with machine learning; these two have become a formidable tool for delivering quality services.

Based on data released from a global professional network, LinkedIn, demand for Artificial Interline and Machine learning experts has gone up by about 80 percent in the last year. This trend is projected to continue for the next four years.

Jobtensor, yet another promising job listing platform indicates that professionals with machine learning skills rose in demand. Jobtensor is a platform that uses Artificial Intelligence technologies, such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, to help people find better jobs, faster. It is a pioneer in providing machine learning powered jobs matching service with efficient matchmaking algorithms.

Combining your Artificial Intelligence Skills and Machine Learning with skills such as python, Java R or natural languages exponentially increases your chances of getting hired as an Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Engineer. These tools are complementary and are in high demand in the industry.

Some of the applications where Artificial Intelligence and machine learning get applied in the industry include Chatbot, which is critical in digitizing website customer care services.

2. Cloud Computing

The traditional server infrastructure is getting phased out with cloud-based servers, and companies are quickly adopting these technologies. Cloud computing skills are on the rise across the industry, with an estimated 107 per cent in job demand rise from 2016 to 2019 based on data released by job applications platform Indeed.

One of the leading cloud computing applications in the market currently includes the famous Amazon web services called AWS and is one of the top service providers in this space. Professionals with Amazon Web Services skills are in demand in the IT industry.

Its general knowledge is that IT professionals who are Amazon Web Services certified get ranked quite high and earn much more than their counterparts with no Amazon Web Services experience. Currently, AWS certification gets ranked as one of the most critical IT jobs skills in the industry. An Amazon Web Services professional earns an average of about $130,000 annually across the United States.

Other in-demand cloud computing skills can land you your dream job that includes skills such as Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, and DevOps. It projected that the demand for cloud computing skills would continue for quite some time as companies and businesses move to cloud platforms.

3. Cybersecurity

As businesses move their operations online, one area that is becoming an essential aspect of any business is the safety of these resources online. Cybersecurity skills is one of the most critical and sensitive areas that play a vital role in data safeguarding. Cybersecurity experts maintain and keep our data networks safe and secure.

It’s now necessary to note that any significant company across the board is investing heavily in cybersecurity experts. It gets ranked as one of the most sought-after technology skills from 2020.

In the past few years, there has been a steady rise in demand for the industry’s cybersecurity professionals, with LinkedIn reporting an annual 30 per cent rise in demand for these skills. The increase in cloud survival and businesses moving their operations online has necessitated cybersecurity professionals in the industry.

Cybersecurity gets divided into several essential subsets that are essential in their small and big ways of maintaining data security online. Some of these skills include cybersecurity, network security, Information Security, and most importantly, Vulnerability Assessment engineers. Professionals with the above-listed skills and general programming skills are in hot demand in the industry. It’s also critical to note that about 6 out of 10 certifications offered in the tech space usually focus on security.

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