More brands hopping on the bidirectional beauty bandwagon – USA

Topicals with supplements—traditionally two fragmented industries—are increasingly being sold in combination. NutraScience Labs is one company that’s embracing the bidirectional beauty trend – something Gene Bruno calls the ‘holy grail’ of skincare.

“The combinations of beauty from the inside out and the outside in is the future and well, now it’s the present, but that’s the way that so many different brands I see are going. They recognize that that’s how you get the best possible result. Instead of having to wait six to eight weeks to see something, you see something immediately. And conversely, if you’re just using a topical you use it and then you don’t see the long-term effects. Now you see both short-term and long-term and that is the wave of the future,”​ Bruno said at Expo West.

Beauty gummies

Another trend that Bruno is seeing is the proliferation of gummies, as a generation raised on Flintstones vitamins is no longer 10 million strong and growing—but all grown up.

“For years I was not a big proponent of gummies, but the technology in gummies has improved to the extent that now you can make a gummy and have good stability. Now, the trick is only to make it taste palatable and we’re pretty pleased because we’ve just introduced for the first time some gummy products, including collagen gummies for skin, keratin gummies for hair, and a resveratrol gummy which has many applications. It’s a new foray for us into the gummy world, but we’re really pleased because like all of our products clinically relevant doses of the right stuff and the right forms to give a good result. So we’re really excited about this whole new direction and we still have all the encapsulated products and everything else we have, but it’s just something new and already we’re getting some pretty good feedback,”​ said Bruno.

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