Mantra Mask Rolls Out Anti-Aging Lavender CBD Coconut Eye Gels –

Mantra Mask’s new Lavender CBD coconut eye gels are biodegradable and crafted with nano-encapsulated CBD for deeper penetration, according to the indie beauty brand. Combined with therapeutic lavender, the skin care masks feature anti-inflammatory ingredients that will de-puff, tone and calm the under-eye area reducing the appearance of dark circles. Caffeine improves circulation while DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) offers anti-aging benefits that have been shown to increase firmness, improve skin tone and hydrate skin. 
“We took our bestselling CBD eye gels and added a few key ingredients so that they truly change an area that is often the first to age,” said Kim Wellen, founder of Mantra Mask. “Lavender is not only anti-inflammatory but also full of antioxidants that battle the premature signs of aging and fight free radical damage too.”

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