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If you’re unable to make peace with a simple skincare routine, we feel you. Too many products released in the market have the beauty fanatic in us stealthily reaching for everything even if it asks for a truckload of bucks to be spent. There’s another ingredient on the block which isn’t spoken much about because our favourite Hyaluronic acid is the miracle skin hydrator that consumes all the limelight mostly. 


Enter Mandelic acid, a mighty AHA. Although glycolic acid may be the widely known AHA also called alpha hydroxy acid, the former is here to shine and make your skin shine too. We see skincare steal, what do you see? This chemical exfoliator does what a skin peel swears by. It’s just a little too mild because anything harsh can make your skin dislike its presence. Let mandelic go easy for it helps to rejuvenate your skin by removing the top layer that’s inundated by dirt to give room for healthier, brighter skin and smoother skin texture. This also helps to clear up clogged pores and tighten these up to reveal one’s natural skin tone. 


beauty1 mandelic acid aging acne



beauty2 mandelic acid aging acne


Derived from bitter almonds, mandelic acid aids in combating acne. With antibacterial properties comes the power to fight bacteria and keep a tab on excess sebum production which is vital to mellow down the appearance of acne. As the one to curb hyperpigmentation, regular application of this acid aids in fading dark spots. This exfoliating agent can also accelerate cell turnover which makes it the trusted anti-aging ingredient that is known to help reduce wrinkles and increase the firmness of sagging skin. Check with your dermatologist before you get on to blend this acid with other ingredients and be wary of stepping out under the sun with this on your skin.


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