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Announced this week, Upgrade Labs will sell the anti-aging dietary supplement, spermidineLIFE from its US brick and mortar retail locations throughout California.

“spermidineLIFE has seen significant interest from ‘biohackers’ for its ability to trigger the body’s cell renewal process and autophagy, which has very promising implications for maintaining youthfulness into older age,”​ says Daniel Dietz, CEO of Longevity Labs.

“Based on our customer interests, partnering with Upgrade Labs was the perfect match as its clients are interested in achieving the highest level of youthfulness.”

Key ingredients

Containing thiamine (vitamin B1) and zinc, spermidineLIFE’s key active ingredient is spermidine, an aliphatic polyamine compound found in ribosomes and living tissue and considered core in maintaining youthful cell function.

Discovered in semen, but found in almost all plants in trace amounts, Longevity Labs claims that spermidine produces the same benefits as fasting and autophagy by cleaning cells of toxic material.

spermidineLIFE, which was launched in Europe in 2019 has been recognised by EFSA as a Novel Food. It was awarded the German Innovation Award 2021 in May this year, following initial success in 2020, where it was named most innovative product at the Pharma Trend – Image & Innovation Awards.

Commenting on this latest agreement, Dave Asprey, CEO of Upgrade Labs says, “I am happy to now offer spermidineLIFE from Longevity Labs because it helps the body replace damaged cells with younger healthier cells. Getting younger is a reality!”

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