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You might have the idea for the next insanely popular indie game, or the game mechanic that would truly refresh AAA games, but actually learning the design principles and methods of game development takes a ton of work. The 2022 Unity Game Developer Training Bundle makes that work a little easier by giving you a ton of instruction from experts in the industry, and you can start working your way through these courses for $25.04 (Reg. $1600).

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This bundle comes with eight courses totaling 14 hours of instruction. Each course is geared toward a game style (2D or 3D) or a genre (RPG, shooter, etc). If you have a type of game you love to play, this is how you learn to build it and improve upon it. Courses are taught by professionals coming from Zenva Academy, an organization that creates world-class training on programming, virtual reality, machine learning, and a lot more skills that perfectly coincide with game development. 

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These are the pros behind courses like “Build an Arcade Kart Racing Game” (just in time for Mario day!)  or “Survival Game Player Mechanics for Beginners.” Both courses manage to do a few really useful things. First, they teach you the core principles behind the genre and the design features that go into it. Second, you learn to use Unity, one of the most popular engines that’s behind games like Hollow Knight and Cuphead. And you learn game development skills that transfer between genres. It’s not just FPS games that need good camera control and precise targeting. 

The tools and tips in this bundle are yours for life. Learn at the pace that works for you, whether it’s a slow grind or a speed run. Get the 2022 Unity Game Developer Training Bundle for $25.04 (Reg. $1600). 

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