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GLYLO helps individuals derive the benefits of fasting and calorie restriction to enhance their health span by utilizing micronutrients that lower sugar-induced glycation and aid healthier lifestyle management.

GLYLO is a revolutionary anti-aging weight loss supplement that works by enhancing a person’s entire well-being and vigor. It is a patent-pending daily supplement developed by Dr. Pankaj Kapahi at the Buck Institute for Aging Research to help prevent glycation. He is a world-renowned expert in the field of fasting and its protective effects for slowing aging and age-related diseases.

“GLYLO stands for GLYcation LOwering, and has been created based on exciting research from my laboratory at the Buck Institute to overcome the damaging effects of sugar by reducing glycation,” shared Dr. Kapahi.

It is an all-natural alternative to traditional diet pills, which rely on stimulants and harsh ingredients that can have unwanted side effects to achieve quick weight loss. GLYLO, on the other hand, is intended for long-term use and also targets pathways that slow aging. It is designed to reduce craving-inducing substances, which are produced as a result of sugar-induced glycation. GLYLO also switches metabolism from sugar burning to fat utilization.

Individual components in GLYLO work synergistically to promote health by engaging various targets. These include carbohydrate restriction, decreasing advanced glycation end products (AGEs), increased fat burning, boosting NAD+ and ketones, decreasing cellular senescence, and increasing cellular repair pathways. The product is intended to assist individuals in achieving their fasting goals and calorie restriction.

The main premise of GLYLO is that glucose is not toxic in and of itself. Rather, the toxicity results from by-products of the glycation process that happens during glucose metabolism. AGEs are formed when one of these by-products, methylglyoxal, reacts with proteins, lipids, and DNA.

Juvify believes that AGEs play a role in a variety of age- and diabetes-related problems. They are increased in people with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetic retinopathy, and neuropathy — among other conditions. This is why they believe methylglyoxal is a critical target. Juvify created GLYLO as a product to limit the production of AGEs in vivo, accomplishing it by focusing on reducing the toxic effects of methylglyoxal, which is produced upon glucose breakdown in every cell.

Juvify is an organization that aims to democratize healthcare by providing affordable, accessible and science-backed options for healthy living. Juvify is dedicated to creating products through scientific advances that enhance health to prevent or slow the onset of age-related diseases by harnessing the power of fasting. They help people discover practices that promote well-being and current scientific information on how lifestyle interventions, micronutrients, and supplements enhance healthy aging.

More information can be found at https://juvifyhealth.com/.

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About Juvify

Juvify Bio Inc was founded by Dr. Pankaj Kapahi of the Buck Institute for Aging Research, who developed GLYLO, a revolutionary anti-aging weight loss supplement.

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